Newhouse Faculty, Doctoral Students to Participate in 2024 ICA Conference

Several Newhouse School faculty members and doctoral students will participate in the 74th annual International Communication Association conference on June 20-24, in Gold Coast, Australia. Their involvement includes paper presentations, panel appearances and more.

Note: For times and locations of presentations, please visit the conference website.

Friday, June 21

Uncanny Valley: The Paradoxical Effects of Anthropomorphism on Social Presence & Patronage Intention in the Context of e-Commerce Chatbot

Heejae Lee

University Branding & Emotional Shifts Affecting Message Responses: A Psychophysiological Experiment on University COVID-19 Vaccine & Mask Policies

Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley

The Role of Media Literacy & Identities in Youth Civic Engagement & Media Activism

Srivi Ramasubramanian and Shannon Burth

Perceived Relationships with a Female World Leader: A Public Diplomacy & Nation Branding Experiment of News Framing

Martina Santia

Unintended Effects of Health & Risk Communication: Uncovering Message Strategies Against Message Fatigue

Youngji Seo

Probing the Asymmetry: Examining the Relationship Between News-Finds-Me Perceptions & Affective Polarization

Lars Willnat

Exploring the Comparative Effects of VR & AR on Learning Outcome: The Role of Plausibility Illusion, Cognitive Load, & Learner Personality

Heejae Lee

Emotional & Cognitive Effort in VR: Quantifying Empathy Evoking Effectiveness of Immersive Storytelling in DEIA-Themed Narratives

Kandice Green, David Peters and Makana Chock

The Right to Attribution in News: Truth & Transparency in AI & Journalism

Jason Davis, Gina Luttrell, Carrie Welch and Nalae Hong

Saturday, June 22

Effects of Message-based Affirmation on Responses to Environmental Risk Messages about Fast Fashion

Faren Karimkhan

When Crises Happen in News Deserts: Rural Social Media Commenters Adhering to Journalistic Norms

Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley

How Do We Engage People with Low Motivation in Supporting Social Causes: Harnessing the Power of Influencers in Effective CSR Communication

Jeongwon Yang

Do ASMR Videos Have a Therapeutic Effect on Stressed Individuals: Examining the Neural Synchrony across Stressed Individuals Watching ASMR Videos

Yoon Lee

Delivering Change: The Diffusion of Doula Care in Black American Communities

Bryce Whitwam (recipient of Top Student Paper Award)

Inspiring Change or Protecting Status Quo: A Critical Look at Corporate Social Advocacy in Sports

Maria Grover

Exploring Audience Responses to Outdated Cultural Depiction Labels on Older Entertainment Media: A Mixed-Methodological Study

Nick Bowman, Yoon Lee, Srivi Ramasubramanian and Shannon Burth

The Roles of Media Platforms, Political Orientation, & Climate Change Belief in Pro-Environmental Behaviors: Cross-Cutting vs Like-Minded Exposure in the US & South Korea

Heejae Lee

Sunday, June 23

Negotiating Identities & Political (Dis)Engagement: An Exploration of Women’s Political Experiences during Brazil’s Presidential Election

Raiana de Carvalho

Data Justice & Trauma-informed Approaches to Health Equity

Srivi Ramasubramanian

Geopolitical Frictions & Science Journalism: A View from the Hierarchy of Influences Model

Xi Liu

Translation & Validation of the Video Game Demand Scale to Spanish

Heejae Lee and Nick Bowman

Exploring the Confidential Safe Zones: DV Shelters’ Communication Strategies towards Asian-American Women

Amanda Ni

Monday, June 24

Deep Description, Systematic Representative Design, & AI, AI, AI: Advancing Communication Science

Charisse Corsbie-Massay

Framing the Yanomami People during COVID-19: A Content Analysis of US Media Coverage of the Indigenous Health Emergency in Brazil

Raiana de Carvalho, Martina Santia and Srivi Ramasubramanian

Immersion or Identity Tourism: A Cautionary Note on our Emotionally Connected Future

Nick Bowman