Yoon Lee

Yoon Lee

Doctoral Advisor: T. Makana Chock


B.A., Journalism, Ewha Womans University
M.A., Communications and Media, Ewha Womans University

Areas of Research:
Computer Mediated Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication

Zhao, L., Lee, Y., & Lee H. E. (2021). The effects of gay media exposure on Chinese young adults’ attitude towards same-sex relationships. The Journal of the Korea Contents Association, 21(4), 123 - 136. (Korean, KCI)

Liu, J., Lee, Y., & Lee, H. E. (2021). The 2ffect of AR news' characteristics on the immersion and information acquisition: Focused on Chinese disaster and sports news. The Journal of the Korea Contents Association, 21(2), 474-488. (Korean, KCI)

Sintowoko, A. D. W., Lee, Y., & Lee, H. E. (2020). Cross-cultural difference between female young adults in Korea and Indonesia in perceiving hijabis in the media. International Journals of Internet, Broadcasting, and Communication, 12(3), 177-188. (English, KCI)

Lee, Y. & Lee, H. E. (2021, May). ASMR viewing as a coping strategy for loneliness and stress: Examining the motivation and effect of ASMR videos. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual convention of the International Communication Association, Communication and Technology division, Virtual Conference

Lee, Y. & Lee, H. E. (2020, November). Effects of social media usage on psychological well-being among male older adults during the coronavirus pandemic. Abstract accepted for presentation at the Ewha Communication & Media Conference 2019, Seoul, ROK.

Lee, Y., Cho, H. E., & Lee, H. E. (2020, November). An fMRI investigation in individuals watching different types of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) eliciting content videos. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual convention of National Communication Association, Human Communication and Technology division, Virtual conference


Yoon Lee is a doctoral student in the Newhouse School pursuing a Ph.D. in Mass Communication. Her research explores how identity impacts media use and how media use impacts well-being. Yoon’s work focuses on the areas of media effects, intercultural communication, and stigmatized identities. Yoon is interested in exploring the way that social identities are constructed, changed, and communicated in virtual reality and augmented reality spaces.
During her time at Ewha Womans University, Yoon served as a teaching assistant for many courses, including Computer-Assisted Reporting, Understanding and Using Digital Photography, and Communication Research Methods. She also served as a lab coordinator of the International Digital Journalism Lab and tutor for the communication department after working as an editorial intern of the Investigative Reporting Team for Newstomato.

Yoon has presented her scholarly work at the International Communication Association Annual Conference and the National Communication Association Annual Conference. She has published in a variety of journals, including Journal of Speech, Media & Communication, International Journals of Internet, and the Journal of the Korea Contents Association. Outside of research, Yoon enjoys traveling, photography, exploring global cuisine, and meeting new people.