Shannon Burth

Shannon Burth

Doctoral Advisor: Srivi Ramasubramanian

Areas of Research:
Media literacy, DEIA representation, scholar activism, and entertainment media

M.A., Media Studies, Syracuse University, 2023
B.A., Communication, State University of New York at Geneseo, 2020

Presentations and Publications:


Ramasubramanian, S., Baker, E., Burth, S., Bhatti, S. J., McKoy, K., Yin, M. (October, 2022). “Fostering the Future of Research within a Collaboratory for Data Equity, Social Healing, Inclusive Futures and Transformation.” 3rd Annual Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas. California State Oakland, CA.

Burth, S., Riewestahl, E., Foster, B., Johnson, P., Tully, M., Mihailidis, P. & Ramasubramanian, S. (October, 2022). “The 6E’s of Media Literacy Impact: A Framework to Understand Differential Outcomes of Media Literacy Practices.” 3rd Annual Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas. Oakland, CA.

Burth, S. (2020, April). “Street Art and Activism: Silent Protests Gain Voices.” Central States Communication Association. Chicago, IL (virtual).

Burth, S. (2020, April). “From Canvas to Our Culture: Technology, New Media, and Democratization of Art.” Eastern Communication Association. Baltimore, MD (virtual).

Burth, S. (2020, April). “Men and Mascara: Challenging Gender Codes Within the Cosmetic Industry.” Eastern Communication Association. Baltimore, MD (virtual).

Burth, S. (2020, November). “Street Art and Social Media: Two-Fold Media Extension. National Communication Association. Indianapolis, IN (virtual).

Journal Articles:

Foster, B., Mihailidis, P., Johnson, P. R., Burth, S., Riewestahl, E., Tully M., & Ramasubramanian, S. (in press). Designing equitable media literacy interventions for critical youth agency. Global Studies of Childhood.

Book chapters:

Ramasubramanian, S., Scharrer, E. & Burth, S. (in press). Doing research on media psychology and social justice. In K. Dill-Shackleford & N. Bowman (Eds.)., Oxford Handbook of Media Psychology (2nd edition); Oxford University Press.

Ramasubramanian, S., Burth S. & McMillian, M. (in press). Data Justice: The Role of Data in Media and Social Justice. In S. Ramasubramanian & O. O. Banjo (Eds.). Oxford Handbook of Media & Social Justice. Oxford University Press.


Shannon Burth is a critical, mixed-method scholar with research interests that include media literacy, DEIA, representation, scholar-activism and entertainment media. In her research, she seeks to point out inequalities, misrepresentation and perpetuation of stereotypes, while also identifying pathways to improve imbalances of power and oppressions.

She is a member of the CODE^SHIFT (Collaboratory for Data Equity, Social Healing, Inclusive Futures, and Transformation) team, which is a multidisciplinary “collaboratory” research lab space for communication and data justice. She is also a part of the Mapping Impactful Media Literacy team, which explores how impact and equity are understood and applied in media literacy practice and research.