Data=Human. Data=Stories. Data=Justice.

A Research Space for Communication and Data Justice

CODE^SHIFT (Collaboratory for Data Equity, Social Healing, Inclusive Futures, and Transformation) is a multidisciplinary “collaboratory” research lab space for communication and data justice. Founded in 2021 at Texas A&M University, it is currently housed in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Its goal is to address contemporary social issues (especially relating to race, gender, ethnicity and indigeneity) using data, media, technology, art and storytelling. It is committed to research projects that are collaborative, strategic, action-oriented and equity-minded. We welcome data scientists, social justice researchers, digital humanists, critical scholars, storytellers and activists. Our activities include community-building, collaborative research projects and curriculum and training.

Our Founder and Director

Dr. Srividya “Srivi” Ramasubramanian, Newhouse Professor and Endowed Chair, is the founder and director of CODE^SHIFT. Her expertise is in media literacy, antiracism, data justice, difficult dialogues, community-based research, mixed methods, critical media effects and intersectionality.

UPCOMING APRIL 5 EVENT: Leading faculty experts from across the country will convene to share their research on immigrants and media in the 2024 CODE^SHIFT symposium. Register by April 3. Event details and to register:

CODE^SHIFT Newsletter


More information available at our website. We welcome students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty and postdocs from all disciplines, backgrounds, races, genders and nationalities at CODE^SHIFT. Please contact us at to discuss collaborations and follow us @NHCodeshift on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Our lab space is room 425 in Newhouse 3.