David Peters

David Peters

Doctoral Advisor: T. Makana Chock

M.A., Media Studies, Newhouse School, Syracuse University
B.A., Writing Communication, Maryville College
B.A., Design, Maryville College

Peters, D. (2022). Searching for the good vibes: Examining the relationship between self-transcendent social media and social isolation

CM Liebler, D. Peters, A. Powers (2022, August). Policing the media agenda: News, sources and the “Missing White Child Syndrome” [Paper Presentation]. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Conference 2022, Detroit MI, United States.

Prior to continuing his education as a doctoral student, David Peters worked in advertising and web development, and occasionally works as a consultant for SEO development and PPC ad campaigns.

While completing his undergraduate degree at Maryville College, Peters was the editor-in-chief of the Highland Echo Newspaper, vice president of Maryville’s AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) chapter, a member of the student philanthropy advisory board and department chair of the Study Abroad Ambassadors. As a master's student at the Newhouse School, Peters served as an instructional assistant and research assistant for several professors and for the Tully Center for Free Speech. Peters has received numerous awards for his academic and journalistic writing, leadership, design, research and defense of the First Amendment.

Peters’ research interest focuses on the Eudaimonic Media Experience, self-transcendent media and the power of nostalgia in advertising. He continues to explore issues related to media and diversity, including award-winning research examining newspaper representation of missing children of color and their families.