Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley

Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley

Doctoral Advisor: Keren Henderson

M.A., Communication, Washington State University
B.A., Telecommunications and History of Art, Indiana University

McKinnon-Crowley, J. (November 2021). What's Wrong With This Picture: Setting Up Your Online Speaking Space Activity. Great Ideas for Teaching Students G.I.F.T.S., Presentation. National Communication Association. Seattle, Washington.

Niederhauser, J., Lisowski, M., Fisk, E., Duden, J., & McKinnon-Crowley, J. (2017, February 23-26). Libraries build communities VISTA project. Alaska Library Association Conference, Ketchikan, Alaska, United States.

McKinnon-Crowley, J. (2016, December). Computer Basics: Forms & Email, Community Education Series. Kake Community Library, Kake, Alaska.

Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley has research interests centered on political news and journalism, with a particular interest in rural journalism and news engagement. She is currently a team member on the National Science Foundation grant project The Future of Work with associate professor Keren Henderson.

McKinnon-Crowley has also been involved in ongoing research on the emotional effects of political content. Over the course of that project, she gained mixed-methods experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods along with psychophysiological data collection and data analysis.

She has presented her work at the annual conferences of the International Communication Association, the National Communication Association, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications and the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.

She also enjoys teaching. During her time as a master's student at Washington State University, she taught Introduction to Public Speaking in the Digital Age and Multimedia Content Creation, and graded for quantitative research methods. She helped develop course materials for the course Misinformation on Social Media and served as a mentor for first-generation students making the transition into college.