Sports Media Communications in Los Angeles

Spend a semester in Los Angeles learning about sports production, marketing and other topics through classwork, internships and mentorship opportunities. 

The new building for the Syracuse University Dick Clark Los Angeles Program

The sports media communications program at Newhouse LA is offered in the spring semester.  

Who Can Apply?  

The program is open to students with a demonstrated foundational knowledge of sports communications. 


Newhouse LA staff will work with students to help you find an internship that aligns with your career interests and goals.  

Professional Development 

Build your professional network by connecting with guest speakers and alumni working in leadership or key roles throughout the industry. They visit classes, attend events and take part in a mentorship program. 

Experience life in Southern California and get a taste of working in a major sports market while taking classes toward your degree!   

What courses will I take? 

The Sports Media Communications program in Los Angeles is a collaboration between the Newhouse Sports Media Center and Newhouse LA.  

For more information, email