Undergraduate Admissions

The Newhouse School is a world-class communications school, training the next generation of media scholars, innovators, creators and broadcasters.

Why Newhouse?

The need for communications professionals with a strong sense of integrity and a passion for connecting people has never been higher. At Newhouse, you will have incredible professors who have written books, snapped photographs, and created, crafted and reported some of the most compelling stories, images, campaigns and programs around. Newhouse professors don’t just teach—they’re still active and influential in their fields.

You have a unique perspective and stories to tell. At Newhouse, you will find like-minded classmates. You’ll compete, but you’ll make each other better.

We like to say you’ll spend four years at Newhouse, but Newhouse will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What Students Have To Say About Newhouse

Everyone in my class is super tight with each other … and just being in an environment where people are just as passionate about you is motivating.” 

Padma Mynampaty

All of my Newhouse professors have opened doors for me; many of them have had executive experience in the industry or are still in the industry.” 

Caitlin Espiritu 

The goal in coming to Newhouse has always been to teach myself to do a profession that gives back and does something good for the world. I wanted to learn whatever I can from everybody and anybody that would offer it to me.” 

Jake Morel  

Every day I’m excited to get up and go to a class, especially if it’s a Newhouse class. Because I know that no matter what, I’m going to learn something that shifts my perspective.” 

Malcolm Taylor 

All the hours I’ve spent at Newhouse are what make me the person I want to be.” 

Polina Shemanova

“Being in Newhouse has made me want to explore new opportunities.  Here everyone is everywhere, no one’s heading in the same direction.” 

Destiny Erazo

Majors at Newhouse

The Newhouse School offers eight undergraduate programs. If there is anything you want to learn in the field of communications, there is a professor here who will help you pursue your interest.

Sports Media at Newhouse

If you’re interested in sports media, you’ve come to the right place. The sports media program at Newhouse has produced award winning sportscasters, journalists and play-by-play announcers. In fact, you can find a Newhouse alum covering something in sports this week—no matter what week of the year it is.

Students from the Newhouse Sports Media Center regularly work on sports coverage for the ACC Network. They travel to cover other events including the Super Bowl and Empire State Games, and benefit from partnerships or collaborations with the Little League World Series and MLB Network, PGA events, NFL training camp, minor league baseball and hockey. Plus, they have the opportunity to report on Syracuse University’s high-profile Division I teams.

Work from Newhouse Sports Media students can be found on the Sports Media page and 44 Films as well as on their social accounts: @newhousesportssu and  @NewhouseSports.

Students call men’s and women’s basketball on WAER and WJPZ. They also have the chance to work on-air and behind the scenes at Citrus TV, NCC News and the Orange Television Network (OTN).

Amazing Experiences (Only at Newhouse)

New York. Los Angeles. Washington, D.C.

Daniel Wood

The Newhouse School has programs that will give you all the benefits of our world-class faculty and facilities while studying outside of the snowbelt for a semester or two. Get an internship and learn from professors specific to the location. At Newhouse DC, you can intern at a TV network and take a class from the former head of the White House Correspondents’ Association. At Newhouse LA, you can intern at a production company and learn how to pitch your projects in class to executives in the entertainment industry. At Newhouse NYC, you can intern at an advertising agency and take a class from public relations experts. Newhouse has influential alumni in all of these cities, and they regularly visit classes or organize events for Newhouse students.

“[Newhouse] has pushed me to go for things that I never would have gone for if I went to college back home,” Knight says. “It’s caused me to think of opportunities that aren’t local, to broaden my horizons, to take the risk and see if I get something.”

Jada Knight 

Travel the World With Newhouse

At Newhouse you can travel the world through the SU abroad program or through projects offered through specific classes and professors. Go to Europe over the summer and work on a documentary for the WW2 Foundation. Travel with the Bandier program to learn about emerging music markets in southeast Asia. Travel with the Center for Global Engagement for in-depth reporting projects to all corners of the world.

Hands-On Opportunities

Join a student-run PR and advertising firms. These organizations produce real work for real clients, many of which are national brands. You can become a Pulitzer Scholar and have your reporting or visual project financed, or work on an investigative journalism series with journalists from national media outlets. Work in a class to create a strategic plan for local organizations and pitch your projects to the world. You can work on a magazine or create your own TV show. Whether through your classes or via extracurricular activities, many hands-on opportunities are available for Newhouse students to sharpen their skills.

Intensive Workshops

Bootcamp learning weekends like Pixels and Print and the Alexia Fall Workshop bring in industry experts to work one-on-one with students to produce something magical. Pixels and Print brings industry professionals to work with students and and create a new brand identity for a charitable organization. The Alexia Fall Workshop brings experts in to help students excel in photojournalism and film.

Get involved in our “whole school” journalism projects at the Newhouse. There is a new topic every year and students from all parts of the school get involved in the in-depth, award-winning reporting it produces.

Visiting Speakers

A man gestures while speaking during a lecture

Learn from incredible speakers across all fields of media and communications. Cinematographers, movie studio CEOs, news anchors, newspaper editors, advertising and PR executives, award-winning journalists, entrepreneurs and more. There are so many guest speakers and events at Newhouse that it’s hard to keep track! For a better idea, follow some of our socials @NewhouseSU.

The Newhouse Network

Mike Tirico speaking to students

Our enthusiastic and engaged alumni are a big reason why 90% of our students find jobs within six months of graduation. Not only do Newhouse alumni excel in their fields, but they have an intense interest in helping other Newhouse graduates succeed. They will help you make connections, give career advice and help you get a leg up on the competition.

“The Newhouse network can be a powerful tool, both for students looking to learn from alums and for alums looking for the best of the best to hire for new media roles.”

Tara Donaldson, executive editor at Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)