Photo Gallery: Alexia Fall Workshop

The Alexia Fall Workshop is a space for Newhouse visual communications students to identify, observe and communicate multimedia stories while strengthening their skills in still photography, audio, video, motion graphics, design and more. The annual workshop, held this year from Oct. 12-15, brought in top professionals—including Pulitzer Prize and award-winning photographers and visual editors from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post—to coach students through their projects.

Take a look back at students, faculty and coaches at work during an inspiring weekend.

a person looks through a camera on a tripod
Student Amy Luo takes photos. (Photo by Erica Cheng)
four people gather together and talk in a meeting
Freelance photographer and workshop coach Louie Palu discusses photo techniques with Calysta Lee, Kate Warren, and Son Nguygn. (Photo by Gianna Lanfrank)
students photograph objects in a computer lab
Workshop coaches David Sutherland, AJ Chavar and Michelle McLoughlin work with students Lars Jendruschewitz, Gianna Lanfrank and Megan Radakovich on composition and project ideas. (Photo by Jack Henry)
a man speaks
Newhouse professor and workshop coach David Sutherland is interviewed about his experiences at past Fall Workshops and at Newhouse. (Photo by Jack Henry)
a woman stands
Visual communications department chair and workshop design coach Renée Stevens helps a student edit their designs. (Photo by Gianna Lanfrank)
a man demonstrates how to use artificial light on a subject with his iPhone.
Newhouse teaching fellow and workshop coach AJ Chavar demonstrates to Amy Luo and other students how to use artificial light on a subject. (Photo by Jack Henry)
a person talks to students
Workshop coach Eric Jackson meets with his team after the workshop kick-off on Thursday night. (Photo by Jack Henry)
two people hold cameras
Student photographers Molly Mellinger and Gianna Lanfrank take photos. (Photo by Megan Radakovich)
a person coaches another person sitting at a computer
Tracy Demarco talks to student Ella Chan during the workshop. (Photo by Erica Cheng)
two people talk to each other
Workshop coach Mylz Blake and Newhouse professor of practice Jon Glass take a break to watch a football game. (Photo by Gianna Lanfrank)
a person looks at a computer while another person sits in a chair and waits
Visual communications professor Gregory Heisler reviews lighting techniques with sophomore Malcolm Taylor during a mini-workshop. (Photo by Kamali Lewis)
a person smiles
Kate Warren, a workshop coach, smiles during a meeting. (Photo by Erica Cheng)
three people film a person while they're being interviewed
Students Diana Valdivia, Sky Zhuang and Amy Luo interview workshop coach Josh Ives. (Photo by Patrick Firrell)
a person poses for a portrait
First-year visual communications student Kamali Lewis stands for a portrait. (Photo by Megan Radakovich)
two people work at a computer
Students Diana Valdivia (left) and Reed Granger (right) work on a project. (Photo by Patrick Firrell)
a person works at a computer
Ella Chan works on a project. (Photo by Kamali Lewis)
a person sits for a portrait while a person behind them photobombs
Coach Marilu Lopez Fretts poses for an instructional portrait as Mark DiOrio photobombs. (Photo by Gianna Lanfrank)