Photo Gallery: Pixels & Print Design Workshop

The Pixels & Print Design Workshop at the Newhouse School always has the same mission: Teach the power of designing for good. Beginning on Feb. 22, which marked the 10th year of the fully intensive workshop, 65 visual communications students came together for 48 hours to collaboratively provide a design makeover for a deserving organization.

In past years, the students have shown how the power of design can combat mental illness, support grieving children and more. This year’s client was The Baldwin Fund, which has taken on a new $50 million campaign initiative to help fund cancer research and establish a National Cancer Institute in Syracuse.

Broken up into teams, students helped The Baldwin Fund spread the word about this huge initiative by re-designing their website, designing a social media campaign, creating a variety of promotional materials, designing new merch and more. To aid students in this design challenge, the visual communications department brought in top industry professionals who led the teams as art directors and coaches. 

two people stand behind a camera and look into it
Sadie Jones and Jess Van work as part of the Video Team capturing the workshop.
a large room full of people seated at tables
Pixels & Print’s opening night included a Brainstorm Sprint session to decide on the client’s logo approach.
a person films with a camera
Molly Mellinger works as part of the Video Team capturing the workshop.
a person stands at the front of a room and talks to people
Workshop director Renee Stevens introduces the client during the Pixels & Print opening session.
people applaud while seated in a room
 Workshop students applaud during the coach introductions.
a person hangs something on a wall
A student hangs her logo concept alongside others suggested for The Baldwin Fund.
a large room full of people seated at tables
Students brainstorm to decide on the client’s logo approach.
people look at images hung on a wall
Workshop coach and Newhouse alumna G Williams shares her thoughts on a logo concept with students.
a person stands at the front of a room and talks to people
Workshop director Renee Stevens speaks to the full workshop team during the opening night brainstorming session.
a person is interviewed and filmed
Graphic design sophomore Ethan Rujak is interviewed by the Video Team.
people stand and talk to each other in a room
Workshop coaches (from left): Amanda McCoy Best, G Williams and Scott McNanny chat during the brainstorming session.
two people look at their laptop computers
An Immersive Team member works with visual communications assistant professor Jason Webb on an interactive version of a cardinal that is integral to the Baldwin Fund brand.
two people look at a laptop computer
Students review design work during the workshop.
four people give a presentation to a room
UI/UX Team members present a website prototype during a client presentation.
5 people sit and look at something on a laptop
Print Team members review design mockups during the second day of the workshop.
a hand points to an image on a laptop screen
An iteration of the logo concept for The Baldwin Fund.
two people sit and watch a screen
Visual communications adjunct professor Claudia Strong (left) and The Baldwin Fund executive director Elizabeth Baldwin (right) watch design prototypes during the client presentation.
a person looks at images on a wall
Alex Ryberg Gonzalez reviews the product design concepts for The Baldwin Fund prior to the final client presentation.
a large group of people stand on a staircase and pose for a photo
Pixels & Print faculty and students pose for an official group photo in Newhouse 3.

All photos by:

Kelsey Leary
Jess Van
Sadie Jones
Molly Mellinger
Sise Deng
Cassandra Roshu