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Why Should I Send My Child to Newhouse?

Newhouse is an amazing place. Students learn to become storytellers here, but they also learn to become leaders. They are surrounded by the best of the best, so they are constantly working to improve themselves. You won’t find many Newhouse students with lots of extra time on their hands. But don’t worry—they have lots of fun.

Newhouse students know the only way to make it in the field of communications is through constant action. Our students are a blur of motion—always working, creating and adapting to the latest innovations in their fields. Students join long-standing extracurricular organizations with strong alumni connections—and they create new ones.

The Newhouse Community

Newhouse is a community.

There is no hiding in our classrooms. Professors are invested in their students. They know their student’s names and take interest in their progress. If the Newhouse name is going to be on their résumés, we want them all to be the best of the best.

Cool Experiences

Newhouse is made up of cool experiences. Report on the campaign trail. Cover Super Bowl week. Become a Pulitzer Fellow. Work on a film in Europe. Intern at the Cannes Film Festival or SXSW. Get behind the mic at a radio station. Produce your own TV show. Create graphics for the greater good. Work at a student run advertising agency or PR firm—with real clients. Study and have internships in some of the media capitals of the world. Go to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Cover the Empire State Games. Win lots of awards. Interview broadcast icons. Write a book. Pitch to Hollywood producers.

Every day at Newhouse is filled with cool experiences, because students work with experts in every field of communications.

Recent Graduates Talk About Newhouse

“Newhouse and Syracuse in general does such a great job preparing you for a career in the media field so you have the skills graduating from the university to get pretty much any job that you want.”

Ryan Baker ’22

“I don’t think I would be in this position without Syracuse. It really primed my brain for being able to think going forward: What are the kinds of things that I’m going to consume and what are the kinds of things that I watch and how can I be part of the group that’s making those things?”

Carmella Boykin ’21

“Syracuse has given me the opportunity to be all of me. Being a woman, being an immigrant, being Black—all of these are incredibly important for me to take into the advertising industry.”

Nico Aramboles ’22

“My whole goal was, ‘How do I turn myself into a media professional and an entrepreneur?’ So Newhouse was the perfect place for me to find the community and the resources that I needed to really start creating the life that I want as a creative entrepreneur.”

Kelsey Davis ’19, G’20

“Citrus TV and Z89 that are like, they’re unquantifiable. They’re like indescribable. I learned how to become a leader at Syracuse. I learned how to become a self-starter.”

Liam Crowley ’22

“When I was in Newhouse, you know there’s a broadcasting standard to live up to, and that’s instilled in you from day one. I learned so much about the importance of telling a great story and how to conduct an interesting interview.”

Biko Skalla ’18

State of the Art Facilities and Equipment

Newhouse features the latest in digital equipment. Newhouse facilities have the tools and technologies used by professionals in the field. Our studios and control rooms are used for entertainment, news and sports production. Newhouse students have access to the newest video, audio, photo and other equipment for their projects.

Students learn on the modern technologies. However, we do offer basic training on earlier models of equipment to ensure students have an understanding of older technologies. Not all workplaces modernize at the same pace, so we want to make sure our graduates can get right to work no matter the conditions.

Finding Jobs in Communications

The Newhouse Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated to helping Newhouse students and alumni with their career searches.

92% of the Newhouse class of 2023 was employed in their chosen field within six months of graduation.

2023 Newhouse class survey

Newhouse trains students in the skills needed to find a job. The Newhouse Career Development Center holds seminars covering a variety of topics including finding an internship, networking, writing focused résumés and cover letters and job-hunting. There are career fairs each fall and spring bring companies from across the country to meet with Newhouse students. Plus, the CDC has access to a constantly updated database of communications jobs and internships.

Students can attend one-on-one career-advising appointments or visit for the CDC for office hours. The office hosts a mentoring and networking platform for Newhouse graduates. They can also advise students on how to find and reach out to the wide network of Newhouse graduates who are working in every field of communication across the country and around the world.

“Whenever I’ve had the opportunity to hire for a role, I look to Newhouse first because I know the education the students are getting is a cut above the rest, and I know these students will emerge with the tools and passion necessary to give their best to a role.”

Tara Donaldson, executive editor at Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)

Stay Connected with Newhouse

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