Under the direction of Dean Mark J. Lodato, the leadership team oversees administrative areas that serve students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the Newhouse School.

Mark J. Lodato, Dean

Mark J. Lodato was appointed dean of the Newhouse School in July 2020. He leads a team that includes some 200 faculty and staff and approximately 2,400 students.

mlodato@syr.edu • 315.443.3627

Regina Luttrell, Senior Associate Dean

Regina Luttrell, Ph.D., works with the Newhouse community on a variety of schoolwide initiatives and serves as deputy to Dean Mark J. Lodato. She also leads the research and creativity efforts at Newhouse.

rmluttre@syr.edu • 315.443.3613

Hua Jiang, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Hua Jiang, Ph.D., leads the Office of Academic Affairs, which oversees all aspects of the academic operation at the Newhouse School.

hjiang07@syr.edu • 315.443.3475

Rockell Brown Burton, Associate Dean for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA)

Rockell Brown Burton, Ph.D., leads strategic planning in IDEA, including efforts to recruit diverse students, faculty and staff; programming for marginalized students; campus visits by diverse industry leaders, thinkers and scholars; and course development.

rabrownb@syr.edu • 315.443.1930

Joel Kaplan, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Joel Kaplan

Joel Kaplan oversees the Office of Graduate Programs, which guides and supports prospective and current students in the school’s professional master’s degree programs.

jkkaplan@syr.edu • 315.443.1429

Brad Horn, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Brad Horn oversees strategic initiatives and special projects for the Newhouse School.

bdhorn@syr.edu • 315.443.3438

Karen McGee, Assistant Dean for Student Success

Karen McGee

Karen McGee leads the Office of Student Success, which assists undergraduate students with all aspects of the academic experience at Newhouse.

kmcgee@syr.edu • 315.443.4722

Carol Satchwell, Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Engagement

Carol Satchwell

Carol Satchwell is responsible for the development of the strategic plan for the Newhouse School’s Office of Advancement and coordinates the school’s fundraising efforts.

cmsatchw@syr.edu • 315.443.5281

Susan Nash, Director of Administration

Susan Nash

Susan Nash oversees all aspects of facilities management for the Newhouse School, and serves as chief of staff for the Dean’s Office.

sknash@syr.edu • 315.443.5007

Shelly Collins, Budget Director

Shelly Collins

Shelly Collins heads the Office of Budget and oversees the Newhouse School’s financial affairs. She has worked at Syracuse University for more than 30 years.

sdcollin@syr.edu • 315.443.2303

Amanda Griffin, Director of Special Events

Amanda Griffin oversees annual and special events for the Newhouse School.

algri100@syr.edu • 315.443.7982

Genaro Armas, Director of Communications

Genaro Armas oversees all communications for the Newhouse School, including the website, the magazine, social media, branding and special events publicity.

gcarmas@syr.edu • 315.443.5887

Edecio Martinez, Executive Director of Instructional Technology

Edicio Martinez

Edecio Martinez oversees technology and TV engineering strategies and services at Newhouse. He also serves as senior administrator of Newhouse’s information technology department.

emarti48@syr.edu • 315.443.9243

Tula Goenka, Dean’s Leadership Fellow

Tula Goenka was appointed the inaugural Dean’s Leadership Fellow in July 2022. In this role, she focuses on the engagement, inclusivity and support of the Newhouse School’s international student community.

tgoenka@syr.edu • 315.443.3376