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2024: Learn more about our current projects

2023: What is CODE^SHIFT? 

Chai with Srivi Video Series

Episode 1: with Pooja Pande and Priya Thuvassery

Episode 2: with Aisha Durham and Claudine Taffe

Episode 3: with Satveer Kaur-Gill and Tomeka Robinson

Episode 4: with Lanier Holt and Kevin Rudrow

Episode 5: with Brice Nordquist and Anil Srinivasan

Episode 6: with Francisco Suarez

Episode 7: with Nickesia Gordon

Episode 8: with Maya Kulkarni and Sudha Raj

Episode 9: with Catherine Steele

Episode 10: with Lynn Sachs (coming soon)

Episode 11: with Hua Wang and Yea-Wen Chen (coming soon)

Episode 12: with Iccha Basnyat and Muhammed Ittefaq (coming soon)