The Comedy Scene of LA

Jake Effman

I’ve loved comedy my whole life, and I have been waiting to turn 21 for one reason only: to go to comedy clubs. Los Angeles is a comedy capital of the world, so I knew what I was going to do when I landed on the West Coast. Quite literally the first night I was here, I met some friends at The Laugh Factory for a show.  Over the last two months I have been to nearly 10 shows spanning from comedy clubs to theaters. The experience of being in a comedy club, laughing along with 50 other people packed into a small room is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Everyone is there to get away from the seriousness of life and just laugh for two hours. You get to see new comics before they blow up and veteran comics who are masters of their craft, all in one night. It all feels personal since the room is so small. I went to a show at a club called The Comedy Store and was able to see Bill Burr, one of my favorite comics of all time. I’ve seen him on television and on Netflix, but at The Comedy Store he was less than 20 feet away from me. It made for a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget. If you’re a fan of comedy, go to clubs in Los Angeles.

Jake Effman is a senior in the Bandier program for recording and entertainment industries in the Newhouse School.