Take a gaming-themed break

There are a variety of activities all around Syracuse. Some of them can get to be pretty niche. For all of my fellow nerds at Syracuse University, I have found places that fulfill that need in us to find cool comics and video games. Here are two places to check out if you’re a gamer, comic fan or simply a collection enthusiast.

Play the Game, Read the Story

With two locations in Syracuse—one on North Clinton and the other in Destiny USA—PTG is a premier shop for comics, packed full of the most popular comics around. There are rows full of not just the latest books but also trade paperbacks collectors’ editions, as well as comics from the 80s and 90s. For people who want more than just comics, there are tons of collectibles at the store as well. 

The store contains character busts, figurines and even board games. For people who aren’t into comics, there is a dedicated section for manga and anime. They have a lot of the most popular series such as Dragonball and Jujutsu Kaisen to some more niche series. There are also spots for people interested in games. 

The store lives up to its name as there are a wide variety of tabletop games that range from Dungeons and Dragon to Yugioh. You can get not just the games but also tools and game pieces like dice and play mats also. Aside from selling gear for games, the store also takes part in hosting events for players. Every week, the store holds tournaments for various trading card games. At these tournaments, everyone is welcome and newcomers are encouraged to stop by.

Three Lives gaming bar

For people who want to play video games in a cool casual manner, Three Lives is a good place to visit. The bar opened up initially during the pandemic and despite a rough few months, it has seen growth over the summer.

Three Lives is located in Armory Square, across the street from Funk’n Waffles. The bar is in a cool intersection between being a normal establishment and a quirky themed bar. 

The layout looks simple enough at first glance but as you look around you can see how it’s a gamers’ den. Along the walls are classic arcade games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2 and Pac-Man.  It has a classic arcade vibe.

The televisions at the bar don’t show traditional sporting events but instead e-sports events like Overwatch. The gaming atmosphere extends to the menu as well. You have drinks and foods named after classic gaming characters like Mario and Sonic.  

Three Lives and Play the Game, Read the Story are just two nerdy spots around Syracuse. Half the fun of these places is in finding them, so get out and look between the snowy days and windy nights.

Writer Jalen Wade

Jalen Wade is a graduate student in the magazine, news and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School.