Students launch second annual Newhouse 44 New Voices list

44 New Voices, a student led and run organization at the Newhouse School, today released the second annual 44 New Voices list. The organization seeks to change the underlying culture of media by creating opportunities for diversity in content and ownership.

Through a detailed research process, the 44 New Voices team analyzed the work of hundreds of creators who are diversifying and redefining media culture through the power of their own voices. This is the second year the organization has selected 44 people in media, journalism and civic engagement who are making waves in their respective medium.

“What inspires me about the project is the chance to see and celebrate the outstanding range of what people are doing in the media,” says Carmella Boykin, project manager for 44 New Voices. “Curating a robust list of people from such different backgrounds illustrates the incredible things each group of voices will do.”

The honorees represent a multitude of industries and backgrounds. Some of the voices include:

The project is part of the New Bosses/New Voices initiative, based in the Newhouse Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, which seeks to create opportunities, support democratic principles and create social change through more diversity in media ownership.

“The New Voices project is designed to amplify the perspectives of people too often left out of public discourse,” says Anne Osborne, professor of communications at Newhouse and faculty adviser to the project. “The rapid expansion of global and social media has enormous power to shape how we understand the world around us, making it that much more important that the same tired narratives don’t dominate.”

The full list of honorees can be found on the 44 New Voices website at

In addition to Boykin, a senior broadcast and digital journalism student, the 44 New Voices team is led by head of marketing Iris Li, a graduate student in advertising. Additional team members are Camryn Simon, a senior advertising student; Julia Fontana, a graduate student in information management; Jessica Garfield, an advertising student; Julian D. Neely, a mass communications and journalism second-year graduate student at Iowa State University; and JD Scribner, an arts journalism graduate student. Laura Beachy ’12, co-founder of BeachyMedia, provided marketing support.

For more information, visit or follow the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.