On Set! On Set!

Krystal Zhang sitting on the ground

My name is Krystal Zhang. I am participating in the Newhouse LA program and doing the internship at The Asylum. This past week, I worked on a film shoot for the company and I was very excited about it. I worked as a production assistant there, and this is my first time participating in a feature film shoot.

I was very lucky to have taken Professor Murias’ The Art of the Producing class before I went to set, which helped me a lot. Professor Murias is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. She taught us the glossary of production terms, on set conduct and how to communicate with a Walkie-Talkie. When I actually got on set, I realized how important and helpful it was to know this in advance. When hearing some words that are only used on set, I knew what they meant, and I also knew how to communicate on the Walkie- Talkie. With this knowledge as a background, I didn’t feel terrified about going on set. I helped the costume designer to steam clothes and set up the lunch table at the first day. I also helped with the art department and did the 2nd camera assistant job to do the mark.

I think PA is like a brick that moves wherever it is needed. I think it was a lot of fun to be on set, and I really enjoyed being there. But, it was really exhausting! I fall asleep right after I get home every day. Definitely a lot of fun tho!!!

Krystal Zhang is a sophomore in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.