Newhouse Students Victorious at 2024 Telly Awards

Newhouse students and projects picked up 10 honors for this year’s Telly Awards, which recognize the best in television and video awards among professionals and students. Their award-wining work was produced through a variety of Newhouse School outlets, courses and extracurricular opportunities.

Silver, Student Television: Syracuse Reacts to Controversial Speaker” by Nicole Aponte (CitrusTV)

Silver, Non-Broadcast Student: Full Circle” by Murphy McFarlane (The NewsHouse/Fall Workshop)

Silver, Non-Broadcast Student: Primavera Negra” by Jorge Rosales (Military Program/Newhouse School)

Bronze, Non-Broadcast Student: Syra-Cruz” by Will Birks (44 Films/Sports Media Center)

Bronze, Student – Online: Loud & Clear featuring Luna & The Carpets” by Abigail Weber (OTN)

Bronze, Student – Television: On the Bench” – April 11, 2023 by Cameron Ezeir, Nick Zelaya, Ryan Bridges and Nick Luttrell (CitrusTV)

Bronze, Student – Television: Market Shares” – Nov. 10, 2023 by Peter Elliott, Bradley Hoppenstein, Jake Morel, Sean Dempsey, Marguerite Bellotti and Dillon Brendle (CitrusTV)

Bronze, Non-Broadcast Student: The Hunter” by Tim Rose, James McConnell, Daisy Leepson and Kenneth Barrist (OTN)

Bronze, Non-Broadcast Student: Burn The Flower” by Peipei Liu, Lydia Tan, Yilong Xu, Binhao Ma, Haotong Qin and Tao Wang (OTN)

Bronze, Non-Broadcast Student: Echoes in the Sand” by Miles Isgrig (OTN)