Newhouse LA Student Spotlight: Heather McClure

Heather McClure portrait

I originally found out about Newhouse LA from one of my older friends from school who had did the Newhouse LA spring semester and had nothing but amazing things to say. Going into the summer, I was worried I’d have trouble finding internships and feel out of place in LA because I thought it was mainly tailored to TRF or BDJ majors, but I was a PR major. I can confidently say, Newhouse LA and Los Angeles is a place for anyone, any dream and any career goal. I am currently interning at CLD PR and Rapparound PR. Taking on two internships and balancing six credits worth of class has defiantly made me have a busy schedule, but I don’t regret it at all. Working hands-on in fashion, showroom, celebrity and media PR with my two internships has been an amazing experience and I am so excited to move out to LA post college and begin this career journey that I started a little during this summer. I cannot stress enough how much Newhouse LA has made me grow as a person, student and future PR professional.

Heather McClure is a junior in the public relations program at the Newhouse School.