Newhouse LA network in Los Angeles

Noa Getzug

One of the highlights of the Newhouse LA program has been the access to the vast alumni network. While in Los Angeles, I have met up with numerous alumni of the Bandier program who have welcomed me with open arms. Through the Bandier and Newhouse LA mentorship program, I have connected with professionals throughout the music industry – artists and repertoire reps, publishers, managers and more. Daniella Rasho, a Newhouse LA alum and Bandier class of 2017 imparted wisdom and advice during our internship class when she shared memories from her time interning. Soon after, Daniella and I met up for dinner to discuss life, school and the music industry. Experiences like this have been invaluable to me as I’m gearing up to pursue a career in music. I’m incredibly grateful for the Syracuse network in Los Angeles and how open they’ve been to meeting us. I hope to utilize this as much as I can while I’m studying in Los Angeles.

Noa Getzug is a senior in the Bandier program at the Newhouse School.