Newhouse IDEA Office Recognizes This Year’s Women’s History Makers 

Newhouse School’s Bridget Lichtinger and Karen McGee honored

The Newhouse School’s Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Office is proud to announce this year’s Women’s History Makers honorees, celebrating the outstanding contributions of women alumni, faculty or staff who have had significant impact on their respective fields. 

The Newhouse School’s Bridget Lichtinger and Karen McGee will be recognized April 4 during a faculty and staff appreciation week event for their exemplary leadership, creativity and innovation.  

“They are true trailblazers,” said Wesley Whiteside, associate director of the Newhouse IDEA Office. “We want to take a moment to recognize and appreciate their remarkable achievements and invaluable contributions they have made to the Newhouse School, Syracuse University and to the field of communications.” 

Bridget Lichtinger  

Director, Newhouse Career Development Center (CDC) 

Bridget Lichtinger

With over two decades of teaching and providing guidance, Lichtinger has become a beacon of inspiration and support. Beyond her impressive professional achievements, Lichtinger has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. Her allyship sets her apart in the DEIA space. Whether it’s putting up signs to represent different identities in the office, acknowledging the achievements of students and colleagues or hosting events, Bridget uses her privilege to advocate for everyone around her. Colleagues across the University consistently seek her mentorship because of her sincere commitment to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, feels valued, heard and supported.  

Lichtinger stepped into the role of CDC director and demonstrated remarkable poise and grace in handling the challenges that come with the position. She has exceeded expectations, creating an atmosphere beyond the ordinary. Lichtinger prioritizes the well-being and growth of her colleagues. Through encouraging words and thoughtful actions, her unique ability to uplift others has had a profound impact on the team, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Her legacy is one of inspiration, not only shaping the present but also sowing the seeds for the future. She embodies the essence of a Women’s History Maker. 

Karen McGee 

Assistant Dean of Student Success 

For over three decades, McGee has provided an unwavering source of inspiration at the Newhouse School. Her dedication to helping others has surpassed the expectations of her roles, making her a role model for students, alumni, faculty and staff alike. McGee has played a vital role in shaping the Newhouse Career Development Center, academic advising, the first-year student experience class (COM 100), intra-university transfer process and recruitment. Despite her many achievements, McGee remains humble and does not seek recognition for her work. It is no exaggeration to say that many students, faculty and staff owe our time at the Newhouse School to her. She is a true testament to the power of hard work, dedication and selflessness.