Newhouse Faculty, Students to Participate in 2023 ICA Conference

Several Newhouse School faculty members, as well as undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students, will participate in the annual International Communication Association conference on May 25-29, in Toronto, Canada. Their involvement includes paper presentations, panel appearances and roles as panel moderators and/or paper session discussants.

Note: For times and locations of presentations, please visit the conference website.

Friday, May 26

Game Studies Welcome Meeting

Nick Bowman (moderator)

Media Resistances, Collective Organizing and Global Activism

Srivi Ramasubramanian (chair)

CCA Panel: More than Who: Evaluating Authenticity through Media Literacy Habits

Srivi Ramasubramanian (participant)

Mass Comm Division Top Student-Only Papers

Srivi Ramasubramanian (chair)

Hybrid High-Density: Immersive Media and Metaverse (“Virtual Influencers and their Authenticity: The Effects of Machine Heuristic on Perceived Source Authenticity in Social Media Advertising”)

Heejae Lee, Shengjie Yao, Jeongwon Yang and Makana Chock

High Density GIFTS (“Meanings of Media: Promoting Media Literacy and Social Awareness Among First-Year Media Industry Students through Research Methods”)

Charisse Corsbie-Massay

Big Ideas Session: Media Entertainment as an Authentic Field of Study: 21st Century Answers to Age-Old Questions

Nick Bowman (chair) and Charisse Corsbie-Massay (discussant)

High-Density: Critical Comm Research with Global Inclusivity (“Combining Critical Perspectives and Quantitative Approaches”)

Srivi Ramasubramanian

Pedagogical Workshop: Decolonizing Comm Pedagogy: Principles and Practices

Srivi Ramasubramanian (chair)

Hybrid: Developments in Corporate Social Responsibility Research

Yu Tian (chair)

Blue Sky Secac Skills Workshop: Show Me the Money: Grant Writing 101 in an Era of Shrinking Academic Budgets

Martina Santia (panelist)

Saturday, May 27

Hybrid: Games and Real World Histories, Economies and Social Norms

Nick Bowman (chair)

Hybrid: Games and Real World Histories, Economies and Social Norms (“Animating a Plausible Past: Perceived Realism and Sense of Place Influence Entertainment of and Tourism Intentions from Historical Video Games”)

Nick Bowman, Yoon Lee and Siyang Chen

High-Density: Info Systems Promising Student Papers (“Mega vs. Nano-Influencer: The Effect of Construal Matching between Endorsers and Ad Messages on Advertising Persuasiveness”)

Ploypin Chuenterawong, Jeongwon Yang and Makana Chock

Ethnicity and Race in Comm Research Escalator (“I’m Asian and Also Not Asian: Deconstructing the Interplay Between Asian Subgroups’ Health Inequities and the Model Minority Stereotype Created by American Media”)

Chia-Ho Ryan Wen

High-Density: Info Systems Promising Papers Session (“AR vs VR: An Exploratory Study Comparing User Responses to Emotional Stimuli Conveyed by AR and VR”)

Heejae Lee

Hybrid High-Density: Feminist Activism and #MeToo Movement: Global and Comparative Cases (“Feminist Activism in China: Coalition Building in Women’s Social Media Conversations”)

Amanda Ni and Carol Liebler

Covering Conflicts & Violence

Martina Santia (chair)

Hybrid: Advances in Corporate Social Responsibility Research (“Jumping on the Bandwagon: Exploring the Effects of Virality Metrics on Brand Trust and Customer Engagement in CSR Messaging on TikTok”)

Yu Tian and Erika Schneider

Media, Identity, Ethnicity / Race, Stereotyping

Charisse Corsbie-Massay (chair)

Advances in Crisis Comm Research (“The Effect of Social Engagement Incivility During Corporate Social Irresponsibility Crises”)

Erika Schneider and Yu Tian

Ethnicity and Race in Comm – Research Escalator Session

Srivi Ramasubramanian

Sunday, May 28

Hybrid: Misinformation Solutions

Jason Davis (chair)

Hybrid: Unique National Approaches to Public Diplomacy

Steven Pike (chair)

High-Density: InfoSys-CSaB Co-Sponsored Session in Neuroscience and Psychophysiology (“Concept Explication: News Engagement from A Brain Processing Perspective”)

Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley

Hybrid: Player Meaning and Choice (“Gaming on the Go? Translation and Validation of the Video Game Demand Scale to Korean”)

Heejae Lee, Yoon Lee, Nick Bowman, Shengjie Yao and Siyang Chen

Hybrid High-Density Session BEST I: Critical Research in Organizational Comm (“Action-Based Anti-Racism Dialogues: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Organizational Change-Making”)

Srivi Ramasubramanian, Raiana Soriaia De Carvalho and Chelsea Brown

Journalism Studies Poster Session (“Who Covers What: Analyzing Gender Differences in News Beats Coverage”)

Martina Santia, Lars Willnat and Stan Jastrzebski

Hybrid: News Reporting and Consumption: Perceptions and Practice

Martina Santia (moderator)

Feel It: Authenticity of Emotions in Entertainment (“Fun Boxes to Empathy Machines: The Authenticity of Emotions of Digital Games and Virtual Worlds”)

Nick Bowman

Hybrid High-Density: Experiences, Challenges and Learnings of Culture-Based Health Practices and Comm (“Deconstructing COVID-19 PSA through the Lens of Culture: Comparing Taiwan and the USA”)

Chia-Ho Ryan Wen

Game Studies Business Meeting

Nick Bowman (participant)

Monday, May 29

Hybrid High-Density: Extended Abstracts in Game Studies- Effects, Surveys and Experiments (“A Theoretical Framework of the Formation of Eudaimonic Video Game Experiences”)

Nick Bowman

ICA Manipal India Session: “Reclaiming Data: Authenticity, Agency and Advocacy in Data-Driven Communication Theorizing”

Srivi Ramasubramanian

Media Effects in the Context of COVID-19 (“COVID-19 is Politicians’ Lie: Approaching COVID-19 Health Behaviors from Political Ideology, Science Denialism, Misinformation andThird-Person Effects”)

Chia-Ho Ryan Wen

Media Effects in the Context of COVID-19 (“Asian American Mental Health, Ethnic Blame and Media Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic”)

Srivi Ramasubramanian, Shumaila Bhatti and Martina Santia

High-Density: Risky Environmental Issues: The Role of Affective and Cognitive Risk Perceptions (“Perceived Health Risks of Fine Particulate Matter Air Pollution and South Koreans’ Risk Info Seeking and Processing”)

Joon Soo Lim

High-Density Session: Top 20 in Feminist Scholarship: Day 4 (“Exploring Feminist Pedagogy: Cultivating Authentic Comm Curricula in Project-Based Courses”)

Adrienne Wallace and Gina Luttrell

Misinformation Potpourri (“Authenticity in Synthetic Media: A Validation of the Theory of Content Consistency”)

Jason Davis, Gina Luttrell and Phoebe Smith

Livestream: Closing Plenary: Authentic Indigenous Scholarship and Its Relevance to the Comm Discipline

Srivi Ramasubramanian (chair)