Newhouse Faculty, Students to Participate in 2023 AEJMC Conference

Several Newhouse School faculty members and students will participate in the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Aug. 6-10, at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. Their involvement includes paper presentations, panel appearances and roles as panel moderators and/or paper session discussants.

Note: This is a working list; for the most updated information, including time and event locations, visit the AEJMC conference website.

Sunday, August 6

Teaching Ideas Competition Presentations and Michael Hoefges Graduate Student Research Fund Presentations

Kyla Garrett-Wagner (moderator)

Law and Policy Teaching Ideas Competition, Second Place for: “Transform This!”

Nina Brown (presenter)

Monday, August 7

Taming the Shrew: How Freedom of Expression Subjugates Women

Kyla Garrett-Wagner

Whom Do You Want to Be Friends With An Extroverted or an Introverted Avatar? Impacts of the Uncanny Valley Effect and Conversational Cues

Heejae Lee, Shengjie Yao and Makana Chock

Institute for Diverse Leadership in Journalism and Communication Workshop

Regina Luttrell

Online Incivility and News Framing

Brad Gorham (discussant)

Symbolic Power on the Line: US News Coverage of Brittney Griner’s Detainment

Kandice Green and Carol Liebler

Ethical Issues for a Digital Age

Greg Munno (discussant)

Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp: A Qualitative Framing Analysis of National Opioid Abuse Coverage in Nigerian Newspapers

Moon Lee

Installing Updates: Reconciling Research on VR and Immersive Media Over Time

Nick Bowman (panelist)

The Gig Economy: How Freelancing Has Become the New Norm and How We Can Teach It

Rawiya Kameir (panelist)

Legal and Ethical Implications of AI and Education (and they’re not all bad)

Kyla Garrett-Wagner (panelist)

News Coverages of Sports, Pollution and Environmental Risk

Greg Munno (discussant)

Community Activists as Agents in the Journalistic Field: An Exploration of Community Organizing in the Online Comment Sections of Local Newspaper Facebook Pages

Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley

High-Density Refereed Research Paper Session

Roy Gutterman (moderator)

Making DEIB More than Checking a Box: The Landscape of New Administrative Initiatives

Rockell Brown Burton (panelist)

Tuesday, August 8

We’re All in This Together: Self-Transcendent Social Media and the Eudaimonic Media Experience

David Peters and Carol Liebler

Too Many Cases, Too Little Support: How the Debate Over What Instructors Teach in Media Law Courses is a Symptom of Institutional Changes in Mass Communication Education

Kyla Garrett-Wagner

Use of an Interactive Care Coordination Assistant (ICCA) for Diabetes Management

Moon Lee, Jeongwon Yang, Shengjie Yao, Heejae Lee, Nalae Hong and Xi Liu

I Am Not My Hair (CROWN): The Critical Agenda Setting Role of Celebrities and Influencers in the Movement to End Natural Hair Discrimination

Benjamin Tetteh

Coping with Negative Moods Using Mobile Media Among Young Adults

Yoon Lee

The Value of Entertainment Scholarship for Theory and Research

Nick Bowman (moderator) and Charisse L’Pree Corsbie-Massay (panelist)

Promoting Coaches on Instagram: A Content Analysis of Posts Featuring NCAA Division I Coaches of Women’s Sports

Martina Santia and Jodi Upton

Examining the Role of News-Finds-Me Perceptions in Vulnerability to Fake News Through Third-Person Perception

Yu Tian and Lars Willnat

Norms, Routines and Boundaries of Data Journalism in US Public Radio Newsrooms

Stan Jastrzebski, Keren Henderson, Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley and Kevin Crowston

Open Science in Communication Research

Nick Bowman (panelist)

Conducting International Research: Experiences from African and Latin American PhD Students and Professors

Raiana Soraia De Carvalho (moderator) and Benjamin Tetteh (panelist)

Black Culture, White Audiences: How Magazines Transmit Ideas

Aileen Gallagher and Qi Ni (panelists)

Taking the Next Step: Strategies for Advancing Your Academic Career Post-Tenure

Makana Chock (panelist)

Innovations in Teaching Competition

Milton Santiago (recipient)

Wednesday, August 9

CPRE Editorial Meeting

Maria Russell (moderator)

From Celebrity Politics to Political Fandom: An Exploration of Political Engagement during Brazil’s Presidential Election

Raiana Soraia De Carvalho

Teaching Small-Group Facilitation Skills to Journalism Students

Greg Munno

Challenging AI in the PR classroom

Erika Schneider

Top Teaching Papers and GIFTS

Regina Luttrell (respondent)

A Critical Evaluation of AI’s Detection and Attribution Capabilities Using the Theory of Content Consistency

Jason Davis, Regina Luttrell, Phoebe Smith and Nalae Hong

Media During Polarized Times

Raiana Soraia De Carvalho (moderator)

Dobbs Makes for Strange Bedfellows: How the Overturning of Roe v. Wade Threatens, but Binds Free Speech and Health Communication

Kyla Garrett-Wagner (moderator) and Rebecca Ortiz (panelist)

The Assumptions, Ethical Implications and Unobserved Effects of PR Research

Erika Schneider (moderator)

Does Eye Contact Matter: Emotional Responses to Candidate’s Direct and Indirect Address in Political Advertisements

Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley

Media Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship, Law and Policy and Communicating Science, Health, Environment and Risk Divisions

Tully Center for Free Speech (sponsor)

Thursday, August 10

How Much is Too Much?: Examining Self-Disclosure in Social Media Influencers

Rose Verchot, Bryce Whitwam and Tiara Johnson

The following awards will be formally presented on Thursday:

First Place in Website Category (individual / team / single class): Syracuse Salt City Harvest Farm

Renée Stevens (faculty advisor)

Second Place in Website Category (individual / team / single class): The 5 O’Clock Project

Adam Peruta (faculty advisor)

Third Place in Website Category (individual / team / single class): Orange Television Network Website

Haytham Saqr (recipient), Madelyn Geyer (recipient), Julianna Poirier (recipient) and Adam Peruta (faculty advisor)

First Place in APP Category (individual / team / single class): Say Yes to Less

Adam Peruta (faculty advisor) and Renée Stevens (faculty advisor)

First Place in Website Category (multiple class / institution): Infodemic

Seth Gitner (recipient), Jon Glass (recipient), Greg Munno (faculty advisor), Shelvia Dancy (faculty advisor), Milton Santiago (faculty advisor) and Adam Peruta (faculty advisor)