Megha Garibaldi G ’15

Megha Garibaldi graduated from the Newhouse School with a master’s in new media management. While at Newhouse, she integrated her interests in journalism and business with her media studies. Now, she works at The Atlantic where her focus is implementing and and monitoring growth strategies.

“Just be open to all experiences. Ask a lot of questions, wander to the different schools on campus and learn how different areas intersect with your chosen field.”
– Megha Garibaldi

What is your current position title and employer?

Senior director, consumer strategy and growth, The Atlantic

How did you obtain your current position, and what positions did you hold before it?

I oversaw the consumer revenue vertical for The Guardian in the U.S. prior to joining The Atlantic. When I was considering my next role after The Guardian, I was clear about working for a journalism organization that I believed in. The Atlantic was at the top of that list; so when a role in the growth organization opened up, I applied and got the position.

What’s an average day like for you on the job? Take us through it.

An average day includes many cross-functional meetings that help us push our growth strategy forward. It’s a mix of strategy sessions and active implementation discussions.

How do you feel Newhouse prepared you for your current position? What hard/soft skills did you learn at Newhouse?

Newhouse did a great job of exposing me to the nuances of content-based businesses which was very valuable. It allowed for me to understand that in addition to exemplary content, you need a strong data foundation, an ever-evolving tech infrastructure and clear business acumen to drive toward profitability. Also, my program allowed me to learn and hone a variety of analytical skills that have been helpful in my career.

Did Newhouse open your eyes to new professions or aspect of your field you may have not considered when applying?

Yes. I was always tied to journalism. However, my time at Newhouse opened the worlds of advertising and public relations to me as well. I appreciate this a lot.

What unique features of your graduate program drew you to it in the first place?

The intersectionality of the program drew me in. I was getting exposure to the journalism school and the business school as a part of my graduate education.

Did the Newhouse Career Development Center aid you? What internships or volunteer opportunities did you do while at Newhouse?

Getting access to the Newhouse database was immensely helpful. The ability to network and communicate with Newhouse alumni is invaluable.

What are some obstacles or misconceptions about your field that students ought to be aware of?

It’s a tough industry as profitability is a challenge. But, it is a highly noble field.

What moments in your career have been most exciting or defining thus far?

In 2019, I was nominated for The Marketing Academy US which is a brilliant program that puts together 30 emerging marketing leaders through a year filled with learning and growth. The experience truly lasts a lifetime and I was fortunate enough to participate in the program while working at the Guardian.

What advice do you have for current or incoming students? Any classes or professors that you recommend?

Just be open to all experiences. Ask a lot of questions, wander to the different schools on campus and learn how different areas intersect with your chosen field. For eg: data and journalism, public policy and tech etc.