Laughing Around LA

Jordan Bullock headshot
Jordan Bullock

While most people get to know a city through its landmarks or restaurants, I get to know cities through their comedy scenes. I have been working my way around LA, going from comedy club to comedy club, performing, watching and meeting famous actors and comedians. For me, the best part is getting to talk to comedians that I have been fans of for a long time and watch them work a room right in front of me. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Angel Moore Tanksley, Finesse Mitchel, Affion Crocket, Kym Whitley and more. To get firsthand advice and encouragement from people whose work I grew up watching was super valuable to me. From a stage perspective, I have even been able to perform for people I am a fan of. To hear that they like my comedy is one of the biggest compliments I could get as a comedian. One of the coolest opportunities I have gotten to be a part of so far is sitting front row at a TV comedy special taping. I will be filming my own comedy special for my senior capstone, so seeing all the elements that go into producing one was very insightful. I have thoroughly enjoyed the city of LA thus far and look forward to making my way out here post-graduation.

Jordan Bullock is a senior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.