LA Life!

photo of Emily Farrell standing against a wall
Emily Farrell

Being in LA has been one of the best experiences in my life and I have learned so much. It makes moving out to LA seem less daunting for my future career. My internship with Don’t Tell Comedy has been so fun to be a part of. Every week I travel to new places around LA and help out at their comedy shows. The culture here is definitely different than the East Coast. Everyone feels very locked into their career and passion; very focused and driven, but relaxed. The pace out here feels slower than the aggressive speed walking in New York. Every mentor I’ve met with has told me that they all just want everyone to succeed. There is a lot of support from superiors in the industry and the Syracuse University ties have been very prominent since being out here. I never feel alone in LA.

The traffic here is pretty bad, though. If you need to get somewhere on time, you have to add at LEAST an hour to the travel time. It’s very congested during rush hours.

The food is good and I enjoy finding new places to eat. My favorite place is Jinky’s, which is a great café down the street from us. I’ve been there a bunch, we are on first name basis with the staff. Being in LA has made me learn to be more independent and I’m not relying on a college campus for social life anymore. We really have to immerse ourselves in the towns and city life around us. It’s been a great and eye-opening experience and I could see myself living out here after graduation.

Emily Farrell is a sophomore in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.