Four key factors to building a winning brand

Experts from Real Chemistry provided an interactive course for Syracuse University students to learn how to build healthy brands.

Everything has a brand. The products you buy, the businesses you patronize, the celebrities and influencers you follow. It’s much more than a logo or name. Each brand evokes emotions, experiences, qualities. But what gives them their meaning? And why do some brands seem to stand the test of time, while others fizzle out?

In a recent workshop sponsored by the Weiss Center, Real Chemistry’s Paulo Simas and Howie Chan provided an interactive crash course for Syracuse University students on building healthy brands.

Diagram outlining the four P's of digital branding as: People - analytics & insights; Positioning - Strategy & creative; planning - content & channels and performance - measurement and optimization.
A slate from the presentation that reads: See how communication efforts translate to brand relevance internally and externally accompanied by a diagram that gives relevance scores as follows for these elements: internal signals, 69; employees, 63, leadership 75, external signals 54, search 46, engagement 40, financial analyst 78, patients, caregivers, advocacy organizations individual advocates, HCPs, researchers and medical societies 48.

A big thank you to Howie and Paulo for sharing your creative wisdom with the next generation of brand strategists, communicators and business leaders.