Five Things I’m Excited for in 2022

Last year may not have been the best year, but I feel that shouldn’t stop us from making the most of the coming year. In that spirit, here is a list—in no particular order—of the top five things that I am looking forward to in 2022. 

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

I am surprised by how much I am looking forward to this film. After being tired of the constant output of Marvel superhero films, I was just about ready to tap out. However, after seeing the character in the latest Spider-man movie, I am excited for the newest film. Not only does the film look exciting but it also features the return of famed director Sam Raimi to directing a superhero flick after his Spider-man trilogy.

Completing school

In 2022, my one-year graduate program at SU will be done. It’s a little bit daunting, but at the same time very exciting. Since I graduated from the University of Maryland, a part of me has been both excited about and anxious to start working. It partially comes from my own desire to be done with schoolwork, but also seeing all of my old classmates kick off their own journalism careers. I am ready to work at a news station or paper.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean

This is the latest iteration of my favorite manga series of all time. They decided to release the series in chunks on Netflix and the first half debuted in December with the second half coming out later next year. This is one of my most-anticipated TV series for how off the wall and weird it can get.

Getting my driver’s license

So I have been trying to get my license for a few years now, however because of a mixture of a lack of time as well as my own procrastination, I have not been able to manage getting it. So I’m using this as a bit of a New Year’s resolution for myself. I’m motivating myself to get it this year.

Final Fantasy 16

I love video games, and I’m a fan of the classic game series Final Fantasy. The fact that the newest release in the franchise is coming out next year has me unreasonably hyped. This new game looks good, and after the last game in the series was a bit of a critical disappointment, I’m excited to see where this new one goes.

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Writer Jalen Wade

Jalen Wade is a graduate student in the magazine, news and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School.