Comedy, Satire and How Humor Can Address Topics Related to Race, Diversity and Other Serious Issues

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We often laugh at comedy and satire. But can these forms of entertainment be effective in spreading understanding about serious issues such as bridging racial gaps ?

On this episode of the “Newhouse Impact” podcast on WAER 88.3, Syracuse University faculty members Charisse L’Pree and Luvell Anderson discuss their work breaking down the messages that can be embedded in satire and humor. L’Pree is an associate professor of communications at the Newhouse School, while Anderson is an associate professor of philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences. Their interdisciplinary PoSH Lab (Psychology, Philosophy and Pedagogy of Satire and Humor) can help students examine serious topics and inform their work.

L’Pree and Anderson also said on “Newhouse Impact” that humor has long been a place where race and differences have been discussed, and in some cases it’s a way to call out stereotypes and break down barriers.