A Non-Syracuse Student’s Experience in Newhouse LA

Emma Hill portrait
Emma Hill

My name is Emma Hill and I am an incoming junior at Southern Methodist University, studying corporate communications and public affairs. As someone who loves to try new things, I was immediately excited and intrigued when my sister, a now senior at Syracuse University, told me about the Newhouse LA program. Last summer, she did Newhouse LA and could not stop gushing about how much she loved it. I instantly knew that I wanted to do it, yet recognized it could be challenging given that I do not go to Syracuse. My worries were immediately eased after the first day of meeting everyone. I am so beyond happy to be around such amazing people not only in the program but in my internship as well. So far my experience interning as a PR intern at Kovert Creative has been amazing. I have learned so much about PR in the short time that I have been interning and am beyond thankful that I was given this opportunity. My day-to-day roles at Kovert Creative consist of creating press clips, press memos, pitching talents, researching various people and brands as well as shadowing people in the PR industry. I have loved getting to know how the industry runs and am excited to come back to LA next summer to intern again.