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Navigating Change: Recommendations for Advancing Undergraduate Public Relations Education

In November 2023, the Commission on Public Relations Education released its 50th year Seminal Report on PR Education. This seminal study covers a range of recommendations to educators and practitioners to consider and adapt to evolving learning styles of students while adhering to best practices in pedagogy and standards.  The report identifies six broader public relations industry expectations of future professionals. 

COVID-19 and the College Experience: The Impact of a Global Pandemic at Syracuse University

The W2O Center for Social Commerce Student Ambassadors completed a signature research study exploring SU students’ academic, extracurricular and social experiences during COVID-19. The report assesses how students have coped with the public health crisis and provides considerations to enhance the college experience as the current pandemic continues and to prepare for potential future health pandemics.

Get Shot Done: Vaccine Confidence Among Syracuse Students

Real Chemistry, a global health innovation company, Hill Communications and TNH, Syracuse University’s student-run public relations and advertising firms, have worked together to complete a comprehensive signature research study entitled “Get Shot Done: Vaccine Confidence Among Syracuse Students.” 

This report analyzed students’ experiences with COVID-19 on campus and perceptions of the vaccine. Key insights were gathered through 472 student survey responses and 10 focus group participants to gain an understanding of sentiment on campus. 

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Minds of SU: Student Mental Health Research

Student-run organizations Hill Communications and TNH Agency have teamed up with Real Chemistry, a global health innovation firm to release the findings from a semester-long research study detailing the mental health climate on campus for Syracuse University students.

Based off of a select pool of 131 respondents, the report, titled “Minds of SU: Student Mental Health Research,” aims to shed light onto the mental state of students.

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