Students and faculty from every corner of communications can find a place for their skills in Center for Global Engagement projects. From film to journalism to public diplomacy, our initiatives value every communications
skill set.

Through experiential learning, each project takes a new approach to tackling a global issue in collaboration with partners from around the world.

Explore Newhouse global projects:

Israel Reporting Project
Each year during spring break, a group of journalism students travel to Israel with Associate Dean Joel Kaplan. There, they report on varied topics, such as relations along the Israeli-Palestinian border, and publish their stories online. They also visit locations including the Old City of Jerusalem and the West Bank and meet with Israeli journalists. The trip is hosted by the Jerusalem Press Club.

South Africa Video Portal Project
Read about a series of video portal installations that were created to bring together academic and community members from South Africa and Syracuse to facilitate organic and organized interactions through the use of audio-visual sites.