Newhouse Students and Alumni Win Honors in ACP, CMA Contests

Work by Newhouse students and alumni has earned numerous awards across journalism competitions this fall, including the Associated Collegiate Press Awards (ACP) and the College Media Association (CMA) Pinnacle Awards.

Students won 18 honors at ACP including six First Place honors in broadcast, multimedia, photo and story of the year categories. The NewsHouse, NCC News, SALT and reporting project “Infodemic” all garnered multiple honors and notably, video project “For the Love of Curling,” earned the top prize for Sports Broadcast Video.

Jerk and SALT were finalists for the Magazine Pacemaker honors, placing them among the nation’s top publications.

At the Pinnacle Awards, Newhouse had more than a dozen honorees, including three First Place awards for magazine, news and digital journalism alumni Lizzy Reardon and Zhixiang (Chris) Wang and military visual journalism program alumnus Ben Ringers. 

ACP Winners 

In-depth News Story, First Place –Infodemic” by Infodemic Staff

Multimedia Feature Story, First Place – “Scammers target college campuses with phishing emails” by Emily Baird, Sarah Dolgin, Nate Harrington, Christopher Scarglato, Ryan Stephens (Infodemic)

Photo Slideshow, First Place –  “Fright Night” by Kayla Breen (The NewsHouse)

Feature Photo, First Place – “Unconditional” by Ben Ringers (SALT)

Broadcast Feature Story

   First Place – Paying Forward the American Dream” by Louise Rath (NCC News) 

   Fifth Place – Never Stand Still” by Averi Coppa and Manuel Serrano (The NewsHouse)

   Honorable Mention – A Legen-dairy Teacher” by Nicole Aponte  (NCC News)

Broadcast Sports Story, First Place –For the Love of Curling” by Holden Sherman, Harry Mullin, Hayden Kim, Roberto Orellana (The NewsHouse)

Broadcast News Story, Fifth Place – “Retirees Call for More Social Security Money” by Peyton Spellacy (NCC News)

Podcast, Honorable Mention – “To Tell the Truth: An NCC News Spotlight Podcast” by Zach Goldman, Jared Johnston, Jack Oberlander and Kamryn Page (NCC News)

In-depth News Story, Fourth Place –The Class of Covid” by The NewsHouse Staff

Multimedia Sports Story, Fifth Place –Colleges lack addiction resources for online sports gambling surge” by Lizzy Reardon (The NewsHouse)

Multimedia News Story, Fifth Place –Infodemic” by Infodemic Staff

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reporting, Honorable Mention – Syracuse is growing its post-criminalized cannabis industry and killing stigmas” by Timia Cobb (The NewsHouse)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reporting, Honorable Mention – Dinner Table Discussions” by Sarah Dolgin (Jerk)

Environmental Portrait, Third Place – “Mega Bubble Man” by Ryan Breeden (SALT)

News/Breaking News Photo, Fourth Place – “On the Call” by Maximiliano Rosas (SALT)

Sports Game/Action Photo, Honorable Mention – “Slap back” by Kayla Breen (The NewsHouse)

Magazine Pacemakers: Jerk and SALT

Online Pacemaker: The Daily Orange

CMA Pinnacle Winners

Best Sports Multimedia, First Place – Colleges lack addiction resources for online sports gambling surge” by Lizzy Reardon (The NewsHouse)

Best Feature Photo, First Place – “Unconditional” by Ben Ringers (SALT)

Best Infographic, First Place: Follow the Card” by Zhixiang Wang (Infodemic)

Feature Magazine of the Year, Second Place – SALT

Best Arts & Entertainment Feature, Second Place – A new frightening record in jump scare’s 80-year history” by Piper Starnes (The NewsHouse)

Best Multimedia Feature Story, Second Place – “Infodemic” by Infodemic Staff

Best Short Video, Third Place – Maggie Olive’s Story” by Wendy Wang (The NewsHouse) 

Best Sports News Photo, Third Place – Loose Ball in Brooklyn” by Isaiah Vazquez (The NewsHouse)

Best Portrait

   Third Place – Mega Bubble Man” by Ryan Breeden (SALT)

   Honorable Mention – Siren Call” by Lily Rubenstein (Jerk)

Best Feature Story, Honorable Mention – “A Legen-dairy Teacher” by Nicole Aponte  (NCC News) 

Best Social Media Engagement, Honorable Mention: Infodemic 

Best Magazines News Page/Spread, Honorable Mention: How to Survive a Snowstorm” by Thelma Gies (Jerk)