New Newhouse Emerging Leaders Alumni Volunteer Board Launches 

A board of 18 distinguished alumni join forces to enhance alumni engagement and student support at the Newhouse School  

The Newhouse School proudly announces the formation of the Newhouse Emerging Leaders (NEL) Alumni Volunteer Board. This new initiative features a dynamic group of 18 alumni, dedicated to fostering alumni engagement, supporting philanthropic endeavors and advising the school on initiatives that benefit Newhouse students and Syracuse University.  

The NEL board is comprised of accomplished professionals from various sectors of the media and communications industry, and co-chaired by Nick Cicero G’10 and Jaime Fraser ‘05. They will spearhead efforts to mentor students, enhance community engagement and provide current industry insights to the faculty, staff and school leaders. The board’s inaugural activities will commence this spring semester.  

Statements from the co-chairs 

Nick Cicero: “Having benefited from the Newhouse network as both a student breaking into the industry, and later as an alumni entrepreneur hiring students, I know the unique value of our community first-hand. I am dedicated to advancing this exceptional network, ensuring it continues to be a powerful resource for students and alumni, fostering growth, innovation and opportunity.” 

Jaime Fraser: “Newhouse has had an enormous impact on my life, from preparing me for the launch of my career to the many ways I have benefited from the friendships, connections and camaraderie of the entire Newhouse network. As an active member of the Newhouse 44 for several years, I’m excited about the evolution of the Newhouse Emerging Leaders and the opportunities it brings to have an impact on the university and – most importantly – our incredible students.”  

The role of the NEL  

In collaboration with Newhouse Dean Mark J. Lodato and other school leaders, the NEL will engage in various initiatives, including connecting students and alumni through professional networking and providing opportunities that encourage innovation and experiential learning.  

Emerging Leaders will also:  

“The expertise and industry connections of the Newhouse Emerging Leaders board members are invaluable to our students, faculty and recent graduates. Their commitment to giving back to the Newhouse School is a testament to the strength and vibrancy of our community and I am grateful for their willingness to volunteer their time and experience,” Lodato said.  

The NEL board members 

These individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise from various facets of the media world, and their collective efforts will significantly contribute to the enhancement of the Newhouse community. 

●  Amanda Quick  

●  Annemarie Norris 

●  Chelsea Brown Ferguson  

●  Chris Marino  

●  Dave DeRobbio  

●  Jaime Fraser  

●  Jessica Mendelson  

●  José Armando Lopez  

●  Julia Haber  

●  Kevin Belbey  

●  Leah Davies  

●  Mark McClennan  

●  Matt Cohn  

●  Mike Gursha  

●  Mindy Stockfield  

●  Nick Cicero  

●  Rachael Gallodoro  

●  Perry Russom 

The Newhouse Emerging Leaders is an evolution of the Newhouse 44, an alumni volunteer board conceptualized by the late Dean Lorraine Branham and Jack Myers ‘69. This new board represents a commitment to the continued growth and evolution of the Newhouse School, ensuring it remains at the forefront of media and communications education.