My NYC Immersion Experience with Advanced Media Management Program 

Jiaqi Jin headshot
Jiaqi Jin

At the beginning of April, my classmates and I had the chance to visit New York City as part of our advanced media management program immersion trip. The theme this year is the buzzing field of generative AI (artificial intelligence). With a variety of activities, this trip was both educational and eye-opening to me. 

We kicked off our adventure in NYC by meeting up with some of our program’s alumni on the first day. As students graduating this summer, facing internships and job hunting, it was a precious chance for us to meet with people who had walked the path we are on now and had their insights to share. From recent graduates to seasoned pros, they covered everything from the latest industry trends to the must-have skills for breaking into the media world post-graduation. Networking did not just happen in classrooms. By the end of the day, I connected with our guest speaker on LinkedIn. Several weeks later, I also made a video call to dive deeper into digital research—a field our alum is working in. From the call, I got practical pieces of advice on skills I should develop for the position I am seeking. 

The discussion on generative AI happened more frequently on the second and third days. From insightful lectures to interactive site visits, we got access to diverse perspectives from the experts. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been a significant game changer since its launch in 2022, and generative AI has been a hot topic in the industry and our classes. Hearing firsthand from those pioneering in the field is a highlight of this trip. We attended workshops where we learned generative AI from a prompt engineer and engaged in spirited discussions about the ethical quandaries AI is stirring up in creative spaces. A panel discussion called “From Creation to Regulation: Navigating Generative AI’s Uncertain Legal Terrain” impressed me the most. It was thought-provoking when experts discussed issues like fair use and copyright in AI prompts. I believe maintaining ongoing attention to these issues is crucial for practitioners in the industry. 

an animated graphic of a new york city street
Image made by Jiaqi Jin using Midjourney

We often explore the development and usage of generative AI in our program, and this trip can be a powerful supplement for us to learn about the ongoing activities in the industry. Visiting giants like TikTok, X (formerly known as Twitter) and Business Insider put things into perspective. Seeing real-world applications and the ongoing exploration of what we have been discussing in classrooms was incredibly grounding. 

We also had fun during this trip, too. Dining out with classmates, catching up with professors based in NYC, and wandering in Central Park made the trip a blend of hustle and downtime. These moments were a sweet relaxation from our busy schedule. 

This NYC Immersion trip was a standout chapter in our solid academic year. It was more than just a learning experience. It was a chance to see the real impact of our studies and make connections that will last long after graduation. 

Jiaqi Jin is a graduate student in the advanced media management program at the Newhouse School.