Newhouse Faculty, Doctoral Students Awarded Internal Funding for Research Projects

Two faculty members and two doctoral students are the recipients of funding through the Newhouse School’s internal grants program. The program, administered by the Office of Research and Creative Activity under the leadership of Senior Associate Dean Regina Luttrell, establishes a foundation for a dynamic research and creative culture. It not only creates a vibrant learning environment for students and faculty, but also contributes to advancements in media and communication fields with broader impacts.

By prioritizing a direct and impactful approach, the program emphasizes Newhouse’s commitment to cultivating a robust culture in innovation and advancing knowledge across the public communications landscape.

The recipients:

Amanda Ni, doctoral student, mass communications

Title: Exploring the confidential safe zones – Domestic violence shelters’ communication strategies towards Asian American women

About 16% of Chinese American and 55% Asian American women in the U.S. overall experience intimate physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime (Yoshihama et al. 2020). Domestic violence shelters are highly valued in terms of social benefits (Chanley, et al., 2001). With advocacy and counseling, (Stover et al., 2009), shelter services aim to achieve positive outcomes for survivors of domestic violence (Bennett et al., 2004; Lyon et al., 2008; Jonker et al., 2015; Stylianou & Pich, 2021). Therefore, the purpose of this study is to delve into how domestic violence shelters communicate with women of color survivors, specifically focusing on Asian American women who experience domestic violence. Applying a semi-structured in-depth interview approach, the researcher interviews the current employees who work in domestic violence shelters to gain insights into the specific services available for Asian American women experiencing domestic violence and how these services are implemented. 

Faren Karimkhan, assistant professor, advertising

Title: Fashion and Beauty Interest and Research Club

The “Fashion and Beauty Interest and Research Club” aims to become a central hub for Newhouse students who have a strong interest in pursuing scholarly endeavors or careers in the fashion and beauty industries. The club’s mission will be to offer a range of educational and collaborative opportunities to cater to the intellectual aspirations of students who wish to delve into the fields of fashion and beauty advertising and marketing. Additionally, it will provide avenues for learning and networking for Newhouse students who aspire to build successful careers in these industries. 

Seth Gitner, associate professor, visual communications and magazine, news and digital journalism

Title: Designing Digital Narratives: Advancing Journalism for Non-Profit Websites

While larger media entities have the resources to invest in digital transformation, emerging non-profit journalism entities often face challenges. The Non-Profit Journalism Design Studio seeks to address this disparity, providing non-profit entities with the necessary tools and expertise to establish a strong digital identity, ensuring that their stories find the audience they deserve. The Design Studio will provide a ground for academic research on digital journalism trends, user engagement metrics and the efficacy of various design methodologies. It will ensure that even the smallest journalistic entities can leave a mark in the digital space and amplify voices that might otherwise go unheard, by supporting non-profit journalism sites; many which cater to underrepresented or niche communities. We will be collaborating with The Cardinal News in Southwestern Virginia. In 2023 The Institute of Nonprofit News recognized the website as Startup of the Year.

Bryce Whitwam, doctoral student, mass communications

Title: Delivering Change: The Diffusion of Information on Doula Care in Black American Networks

Delivering Change is an intersectional qualitative research study elucidates the communication dynamics between Black doulas and prospective Black mothers.  Bryce will interview mothers, healthcare professionals, and doulas to understand better the origins and challenges in promoting birthing options and advocacy in the early and middle stages of pregnancy.  He will then collaborate with the local Syracuse doula collective to recommend strategies to promote their services.