Bright Futures Ahead

The Newhouse School boasts a legacy of excellence in graduate education that dates back decades. A pillar of the Newhouse philosophy is to continuously look ahead to prepare students for what’s next in fields that are constantly evolving. This gives Newhouse graduates a head start as they transition into careers in communications.  

Each class produces new waves of alumni prepared to tell stories, inspire and lead. Here, we focus on the journeys of five recent master’s program graduates and how their Newhouse experiences have influenced their careers.

Connor Broshar

Connor Broshar G’22

Program: Advertising
Position: Analyst, APEX Portfolio Messaging, Dell Technologies
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Before I joined the program, I thought I had made up my mind to join an advertising agency out of school. If it were not for Newhouse, I would not have seen that there was much more to the advertising world. I had no idea prior to Newhouse that you could be on the other side of the business and work with agencies while still reaping the rewards of a large technology company. 

Most of the research we did within the program relates to some of the work I do in marketing. Most of my roles at Dell so far have involved deep levels of consumer research, and the work I did at Newhouse not only prepared me for this but also opened my eyes to endless possibilities of future roles.

Joey Creighton

Joey Creighton G’18

Program: Advanced Media Management  
Position: Social Research and Insights Manager, MTV Entertainment Group, Paramount
Location: New York City

Outside the classroom, I was a research assistant for a project involving how the police department in Bangor, Maine, used social media to engage with residents and people throughout the country. It was super interesting to see how a department from such a small town was able to reach such a large audience through the power of social media. The skills I learned throughout this research project have extended into my current role in research at Paramount.

All my career opportunities since graduating can be attributed to Newhouse’s incredible alumni network. Alums have always been super welcoming and willing to lend a hand in career pursuits. Prior to my current job, when I was working in social media analytics, it was always wild to be on calls with different media and entertainment brands and learn of other Newhouse grads on the call. The Newhouse Network is incredible and something that can’t be replicated elsewhere.   

Nia Lucky

Nia Lucky G’22

Program: Television, Radio and Film
Position: Freelance Associate Producer, CBS News, Broadcast Marketing Division
Location: Los Angeles

Do not put yourself in a box! Those random interests or passions can take you far. I had that “Aha!” moment during [Assistant Professor] Kelly Leahy’s course. It was the beginning of the summer session, also known as “boot camp,” and Leahy shared her well-versed career. I was amazed that she took what made her happy and made it into a profession. She leaned into her joy of children’s programming, technology and research. It might seem silly, but many people diminish one of their talents to make another one shine. You do not have to do that! Both can flourish simultaneously.

I will always love hard news, but entertainment news has my heart! I am an entertainment enthusiast and understand the power of being versatile. When I looked for a graduate program, I wanted to know if I could diversify my television, radio and film talents. I wanted to strengthen my on-camera presence, writing and editing, and use film to advertise pop culture. I needed to know that I could incorporate all the elements. Newhouse did not frown upon being divergent. The program understands the industry.

Jerald Pierce

Jerald Pierce G’18  

Program: Goldring Arts Journalism and Communications
Position: Chicago Editor, American Theatre Magazine
Location: Chicago

I came into Newhouse with basically zero reporting or journalism knowledge beyond what you could glean from reading a lot of news. Everything I know about journalism, reporting and editing I got from Newhouse.

Newhouse has been a great support system for me so far in my career. I’m not a big “networking” person, but Newhouse comes with a built-in network that continues to pop up everywhere I go. Over the years, I’ve leaned on folks I met at Newhouse for career advice and job references, so being an alum has provided a real support system during my career journey. 

Adriana Rozas Rivera

Adriana Rozas Rivera G’21  

Program: Magazine, News and Digital Journalism
Position: Bilingual Reporter/Anchor, WPRI-TV
Location: Providence, Rhode Island

I learned to edit video and identify great stories. If you get those two things down, you can do so much in this industry. Multimedia is the future of journalism!  

Thanks to a Newhouse partnership with PBS “Frontline,” I was project manager on a documentary covering a family separated at the border under the [Trump administration’s] “zero-tolerance” policy. It was the first long-form video project I was a part of and it showed me a different type of storytelling—one that could be more creative and multifaceted. I also won the Pulitzer Center fellowship, which allowed me to travel home to Puerto Rico to complete an investigative reporting project on menstrual justice on the island. It landed me my first byline in The Washington Post and taught me how your story idea can end up changing throughout the reporting process—and that’s OK!