Have questions about being admitted to our undergraduate program? We have answers below!

What are the average GPA and SAT scores of admitted Newhouse students?

Newhouse admissions are very competitive. Our incoming students, on average, have a 3.9 GPA, SAT scores in the 1320 range (without the writing), and ACT scores of 30. (Note: the SAT II is not required for admission, so the average is based on a limited number of score submissions).

Will classes be hands-on at Newhouse?

Yes. Newhouse students start using equipment and getting hands-on experience in their first semester of school. Both in classes and extracurricular activities, Newhouse students engage in real-world communications activities.

Is a portfolio required for admission to Newhouse?

No, the Newhouse School does not require a portfolio review for admission. To personalize your application, you may wish to schedule an (optional) interview with an admissions counselor at the Syracuse University Office of Admissions.

Where can I find information about scholarships?

Information on Newhouse scholarships can be found on the Scholarships page. This page contains information on programs specific to the Newhouse School as well as external sources.

Where should I direct my questions about financial aid?

Your financial aid package is determined by the SU Office of Admissions. To merit appeal your package you should contact the Office of Admissions at orange@syr.edu or call 315-443-3611.
Completing the FAFSA form allows you to be considered for federal student aid. If you have been impacted by this year’s FAFSA delays, you should ask for a deposit extension. Additionally, make sure your circumstances are reflected correctly in your financial forms.

I’m a transfer student. What do I need to know?

Admissions decisions for external transfer students are made by the Syracuse University Office of Admissions in collaboration with Newhouse’s Office for Student Affairs. Visit our page for transfer applicants to learn more about how to transfer to the Newhouse School. 

I was admitted to another program at Syracuse University and want to transfer into Newhouse. What do I need to know?

To transfer into the Newhouse School from another school or college at Syracuse University, visit our page for transfer applicants to learn more about how to transfer to the Newhouse School. 

Is Newhouse accredited?

Yes, the Newhouse School is accredited by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Accreditation is a voluntary process that occurs every six years, when representatives from other accredited programs visit the school and conduct a peer review. Newhouse was reaccredited in 2023. During that process, the school was lauded as one of the “very best schools” of mass communications.

What if I have more questions?

The staff at the Newhouse Visitors Center can provide you and your family with answers to your questions about the school and the admissions process. You can also contact newhouse@syr.edu.

I still have more questions. How can I reach out to students?

Students run the @NewhouseSU social media accounts. You can reach out to them with questions. Follow our socials to see what is happening at Newhouse.

Honestly, I’m scared of the weather. How snowy is it?

There is snow in Syracuse—a lot of it. It’s cold, too. But honestly, it’s not that bad. Get a good jacket. Wear a hat and boots. A lot of us enjoy the snow. All three obuildings in the Newhouse complex are connected, so when you’re walking between our classes, you never have to go outside.

Just think of the stories you’ll be able to tell someday—about walking to class uphill, in the snow…

Will I see Otto at Newhouse?

Of course you’ll run into Otto at Newhouse. As a member of the Mascot Hall of Fame, Otto knows where to go to get good PR and media advice.