Transfer Applicants

Whether you’re coming from another college at Syracuse University, or another college or university anywhere in the world, the Newhouse School welcomes your application to continue your education with us.

External Transfer and Intra-University Transfer (IUT) Information

Transferring to Newhouse from outside Syracuse University

Every year, the Newhouse School welcomes up to 30 transfer students from other colleges and universities. Admissions decisions for external transfer students are made by the SU Office of Admissions using the Common Application. If you wish to transfer to Newhouse for the fall semester, we encourage you to submit your application to Admissions by Jan. 1 in order to receive full consideration for admission and financial aid. Applications will continue to review completed transfer applications after Jan. 1 on a space-available basis. Enrollment in some programs may be limited and transfers are only accepted in the spring if space is available.

Transferring course credits

The Newhouse School accepts a maximum of 12 transfer credits in communications. These credits must be judged applicable to your major and meet general University criteria for transfer credits.

Learn more about transferring to Newhouse>>

IUT from another Syracuse University college

Admission is based upon cumulative GPA, rigor of academic coursework taken at Syracuse University, engagement on and off campus, a writing sample and performance in two required classes.
To transfer into the Newhouse School from another school or college of the University, the student must:

• Attend a Newhouse IUT information session. For dates a locations see IUT Information Session Dates and Locations under the IUT Application Process FAQ.
• Complete a minimum of 30 graded (not pass/fail) credits at SU
• Earn a B or better in COM 107
• Earn a B or better in an approved writing course (WRT 105, WRT 109, ENL 211, ENL 213 (or an equivalent transfer course). AP and IB credits with acceptable scores may also fulfill this requirement.
• Complete a writing assignment of no more than 500 words.
Topic: “Describe how your past experiences and/or identity will contribute to Newhouse”
• Submit a copy of your résumé
• Submit the name and contact information for one Syracuse University faculty or professional staff member to serve as a reference

Juniors (60+ credits completed) and seniors are ineligible to transfer.
Students wishing to major in photography or graphic design must have five semesters on main campus to complete these majors.
Students may apply for internal transfer into all majors. However, acceptance does not guarantee access to limited enrollment programs (i.e. Bandier Program).

Applications will be accepted the first day of the semester until 11:59 p.m. the day of the application deadline for consideration.

DO NOT APPLY until all of the following three documents are completed and merged into one, in this order:

Save the following three documents into one PDF file:
1. IUT Application (Obtain from eForms)
2. Résumé
3. Writing assignment

Save the filename with the following naming convention:
Last Name, First Name IUT APP
Example: Smith, Olivia IUT APP.pdf
Fall semester entry: April 1
Spring semester entry: November 1

Application Link

IUT Application Process FAQ

Do I have to take COM 107 before I apply?

If you matriculated to Syracuse University in the Fall 2021 semester or later, then yes, you must enroll in COM 107 during a spring semester, as this class is open to all non-Newhouse students during the spring.

You must receive a grade of “B” or higher in COM 107 for consideration.

Do I need to attend an IUT information session?

Yes, it is a requirement to attend an IUT information session.

IUT Information Session Dates & Locations

Spring 2024 IUT Sessions
Monday, Jan. 29
(11am-12pm) NH3-432/434
Wednesday, Jan. 31
(11am-12pm) NH3-432/434
Tuesday, Feb. 6
(11am-12pm) NH3-432/434
Thursday, Feb. 8
(11am-12pm) NH3-432/434
Monday, Feb. 12
(3pm-4pm) NH1-303
Tuesday, Feb. 20
(3pm-4pm) *Zoom
Friday, Feb. 23
(3pm-4pm) NH3-141
Friday, Mar. 1
(5pm-6pm) NH3-432/434
Wednesday, Mar. 6
(4pm-5pm) *Zoom
Monday, Mar. 18
(3pm-4pm) NH3-432/434
Thursday, Mar. 21
(5pm-6pm) *Zoom
Tuesday, Mar. 26
(3pm-4pm) NH3-432/434
Friday, Mar. 29
(11am-12pm) NH3-432/434

*Email for Zoom link.

Graduate School at Newhouse – Information Sessions

Spring 2024 Graduate Information Sessions
Thursday, Feb. 15
(11-11:30am) NH3-432/434
Wednesday, Apr. 3
(11-11:30) NH3-432/434

IUT Application Deadlines

Fall semester entry: April 1 by 11:59pm

Spring semester entry: November 1 by 11:59pm

Do I need 30 graded credits from Syracuse University to apply?

Yes, a minimum of 30 graded (non-pass/fail) credits are required for applying to IUT. If you took Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) courses through high school, they do count toward the minimum 30 graded credits. International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) credits do not count.

I was an external transfer from another University; can these credits count toward the 30 graded credits?

No, even external transfer students must take a minimum of 30 graded (non-pass/fail) credits from Syracuse University.

The only exception is if you are a junior and brought in 40 credits or more from your prior university. IB and AP credits do not count toward the 40 external credits. These students can apply with an exception to the 30 graded credit rule if they are enrolled in at least 15 graded credits at SU and complete the Petition to Faculty form found on our Forms and Procedures page to accompany your application form. All other requirements must be met to apply as well.

What classes do I register for next semester?

Register like you are in your current school / college. If in the event you do not get into Newhouse, you need to have registered for your current major, therefore you will not fall behind in that curriculum.

Can I have an in-person interview to discuss my application?

Not at this time. Please use the IUT sessions to ask questions about the application process and any other specific questions you have. You may also email questions to

When will I hear back from the Newhouse admissions committee on their decision?

If applying for a spring semester, you will hear back by email the end of the second week in January.

If applying for a fall semester, you will hear back by email in late June or early July.