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Broaden your perspective and enhance your résumé through study abroad. Ranked one of the top international education providers, Syracuse Abroad offers more than 100 programs in over 60 countries. Explore opportunities for travel and study in a variety of international locations including London, Madrid, and Florence.


For over fifty years, the Syracuse London Center has welcomed students from around the world to develop their global citizenship and further their academic endeavors in the heart of London. As a Newhouse student, you will have the opportunity to make the world your classroom as you study communications, art, advertising, music business, television, radio and film, and more. Live like a local in a London flat, and even have the opportunity to participate in an internship. Internships in London can be with local, national, or international organizations to get hands-on working experience in your host country.

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Becoming a Londoner

Living and Learning in London


The Syracuse Madrid Center embodies the true spirit of Spain and European life. Madrid, a modern political, cultural, and financial hub, is the ideal location for students interested in the arts, sciences, and everything in between. Courses center around communications, digital journalism, marketing, and TRF. Travel with purpose and immerse yourself in all that Madrid has to offer through seminars, cultural activities and even internships!

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Adjusting to Life in Madrid


Studying at the Syracuse Florence Center is an experience like no other. From the art, history, architecture and character, Florence is nothing short of exciting. Florence is a great location to take elective courses, like art, food studies and literature, or even study a new language through introductory Italian classes. Site visits within Florence and field trips throughout Italy are integral to the academic program, and you can pursue an internship with a local Italian company.

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Studying abroad: From a dream to reality


Syracuse Abroad Centers in Santiago, Chile and Strasbourg, France can complement any type of academic study, or, embark on a World Partner program to expand your horizons with one of our many partners around the world.

A number of industry partnerships also provide additional international experiences specifically for Newhouse students. From Bollywood to Dubai, you can find an abroad experience that’s right for you. Be sure you talk to your academic adviser as you make your plans.