Student spotlights

Newhouse NYC alumni share their internship experiences.

Amanda Chou
Amanda Chou ’18

“As an intern in the communications department, I directly support the Clinton Foundation press staff. My day-to-day tasks vary from preparing daily media clips, to finalizing transcripts of speeches and interviews, to assisting my team on special projects. I’m particularly excited to help cover the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference this October, an event that I was able to attend as a student last fall. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to work at such a great organization that does incredible work.”

Amanda Chou ’18
Saumya Vasuthevan
Saumya Vasuthevan ’17

“As a TRF major, working in the ad space at Viacom has been really exciting because I’m learning something new everyday, and it’s a whole new world (#Aladdin) to explore. Viacom is such a fun place to work because every floor has a different theme, like Nickelodeon’s theme park floor! They have such a diverse portfolio of brands that everyone you speak to has a different insights and experiences, which makes for a really interesting place to work.”

Saumya Vasuthevan ’17
Jeddy Johnson
Jeddy Johnson ’19

“I love working at ‘The Today Show’ because there is always so much to do! I’m a production intern, so I work on rotating shifts. Some days I’m in the office answering phones, delivering mail, and helping producers with celebrity research packages or special projects. Then other days I’m in the green room with celebrities. I could also be on the plaza talking to visitors about their home life and helping to pick guests for special segments like Ambush Makeover. I’ve met so many cool people (including @bobbyflay, who let me try a burger!), but nothing brings me more joy than talking to the visitors on the plaza. It makes waking up at five a.m. 100 percent worth it.”

Jeddy Johnson ‘19
Eric King
Eric King ’17

“I used to read New York Magazine’s website every day, and now I’m part of the team whose work I’ve admired for years.”

Eric King ‘17
Kaileigh Woodruff
Kaileigh Woodruff ’17

“I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to intern at Red Fuse Communications this semester. I honestly look forward to going to my internship because I know that once I step foot into the office I’m going to learn something new about brand planning. I work on the Colgate-Palmolive accounts for Latin American, which can be challenging, but also equally rewarding. The coolest thing I’ve seen so far are all the parts that make up the strategic process in an agency. There’s a huge difference between working on a strategic project in school versus one in real life. I wouldn’t have learned this without the opportunity that Red Fuse has given me.”

Kaileigh Woodruff ‘17
Jackie Homan
Jackie Homan ’18

“Interning at Us Weekly has been such an amazing experience so far. It’s so cool transcribing interviews with high-profile celebrities and hearing the inside scoop before it’s published, and it’s even cooler when I get to conduct the interviews myself by attending events! Interviewing Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally at the Clio Awards was an experience I will never forget. Interns get to attend weekly meetings and pitch ideas just like the staff members, so it feels great to be a part of the team and contribute content.”

Jackie Homan ’18
Dana Froome
Dana Froome ’16

“It’s a pleasure to work with such an innovative team and company. It’s so cool that I see editors in the elevators whose work I’ve been following for years. My work doesn’t feel like work because I read the Hearst titles for fun.”

Dana Froome ‘16
Erin Skelly
Erin Skelly ’16

“I am so excited to be a production intern at “The Dr. Oz Show” this semester. From running to Whole Foods to get ingredients for a segment to being able to help with taping rehearsals, this internship has really confirmed that television production is my path. It’s cool to help with production on set and see all the different aspects that go into making a television show happen. Happy and healthy starts at home!”

Erin Skelly ‘16
Anjani Iman
Anjani Iman ’19

“Working with the program planning department at Bravo and Oxygen has allowed me to learn about the entertainment TV industry from the inside out! They track and analyze ratings for all of the shows–from “The Real Housewives of OC” on Bravo to “Criminal Confessions” on Oxygen–so they can be scheduled strategically. I create heat maps for shows that do well, draw out ratings charts, and update episodes in our scheduling database. One of the coolest parts of my job is watching unaired cuts of Bravo shows with the staff each week. We all get to see what our hard work goes into and share some laughs as well.”

Anjani Iman ’19
Kyle Trapp
Kyle Trapp ’19

“This semester is the perfect time to intern with NBC Sports Group because their schedule is full of amazing sports events, including the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, and the Stanley Cup NHL Playoffs. As a consumer engagement marketing intern, I get to work heavily with the social team, which is an awesome experience. My coworkers are some of the most creative people I’ve ever met, and helping them brainstorm and monitor social content has been my favorite part of the job. NBC Sports really gives their interns a hands-on experience, and it’s great feeling like you’re an important part of a giant team.”

Kyle Trapp ‘19