The Fisher Center

The Fisher Center is Syracuse University’s academic campus in New York City—a state-of-the-art teaching facility that supports the university’s goal of providing every student a chance to study in one of the world’s greatest, most dynamic metropolitan areas. 

Located in midtown Manhattan at 31st Street and Madison Avenue, the Fisher Center is home to a number of SU’s immersion programs, including Newhouse NYC, the Tepper Semester and Syracuse Architecture NYC.

The Fisher Center offers 20,000 square feet of purpose-built space, including several “smart” classrooms, a 74-seat lecture hall, architecture and drama studios, three lounge areas and a kitchenette.

Upon arriving in New York City, you will be issued an access card to enter The Fisher Center and you will use your SUID card to gain access onto the 2nd floor. In the evenings, you will take classes at the Fisher Center, taught by talented professionals working in the media industry. The kitchenette is available for you to store food in the fridge and microwave it before class, if you like.

You are welcome to come to the Fisher Center to do work and study at any time.