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a group of people sit around a picnic table in a vineyard
Writer’s Retreat, September 2022
a group of people talk in a classroom
CODE^SHIFT members present at the CODE^SHIFT Research Symposium in November 2022.
a person films an interview between 1 interviewer and 2 interviwees
Undergraduate student Murphy McFarlane (Syracuse U) films doctoral student Shannon Burth (Syracuse U) interviewing (L-R) Dr. Maya Kulkarni Chadda and Dr. Sudha Raj (Syracuse U) for the seventh episode of Chai With Srivi.
a group of people sit around a table with drinks and plates on it
Attendees of the Central NY Humanities Corridor Writing Retreat enjoying dinner. L-R: Dr. Monica Cornejo (Cornell U), doctoral student Chelsea Bouldin (Syracuse U), Dr. Lee Humphreys (Cornell U), doctoral student Shannon Burth (Syracuse U), doctoral student Minnie McMillian (Syracuse U), doctoral candidate Raiana de Carvalho (Syracuse U), Dr. Srividya Ramasubramanian (Syracuse U).
a person stands at a podium and gives a presentation in a classroom
Dr. Nickesia Gordon (Rochester Institute of Technology) delivers a talk, “Woman’s Tongue and Decolonial Feminist Discourse in the Caribbean.”
a person sits in a room and speaks
Filming of Chai With Srivi: Episode 5 with Professor Francisco Suarez (SUNY Oswego).

Book Publishing Workshop, March 2024

Private Screening of the Short Film, Contractions, March 2024

Chai with Srivi: Episode 10, March 2024

two people sit in chairs and one person interviews the other while someone films the interaction
Undergraduate student Nicole Cheah (Syracuse U) interviewing documentary filmmaker Lynne Sach’s, while Sky Zhuang (Syracuse U) operates filming equipment.

Write-a-thon Session, March 2024

Data Justice: Authenticity, Agency, and Advocacy, March 2024

2nd Annual CODE^SHIFT Research Symposium- Othered Immigrants: Inclusive Storytelling for Well-Being, Advocacy, and Counternarratives, April 2024On April 5th, CODE^SHIFT welcomed 14 scholars from various universities across the country. We had four panel sessions, where scholars shared scholarship about immigration, immigrant identities, stereotypes, narratives, and their own lived experiences. Between the four panel sessions, Syracuse University studies participated in a research poster session. See here for more information.

people look at posters on a wall
Student attendees at the 2nd Annual CODE^SHIFT Research Symposium visiting Raiana de Carvalho’s (Ph.D. candidate; Syracuse U) research poster about the news coverage of the Yanomami people during the COVID-19 pandemic.
a large group of people pose for a photograph. back row is standing, front row is sitting
All presenters from the 2nd Annual CODE^SHIFT Research Symposium. L-R: (top row) Dr. Muhammed Ittefaq (James Madison U), Dr. Rukhsana Ahmed (SUNY Univ. at Albany), Dr. Satveer Kaur-Gill (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Dr. Iccha Basnyat (George Mason U), Dr. Yea-Wen Chen (San Diego State University), Dr. Monica Cornejo (Cornell U), Dr. Helen Wang, (University at Buffalo, SUNY), Ritika Popli (Colgate University), bottom row) Dr. Brice Nordquist (Syracuse U), Dr. Charisse L’Pree (Syracuse U), Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian (Syracuse U), Rayan Mohamed (undergraduate student and Narratio Fellowship Alumni), Dr. Makini Beck (Rochester Institute of Technology), and Dr. David Oh (Syracuse U).

Chai with Srivi: Episode 11, April 2024

a group of people pose for a photograph. back row is standing, front row is sitting
Invited guest speakers and CODE^SHIFT members after filming Chai with Srivi episodes 11 and 12. L-R: (top row) Ph.D. student Shannon Burth, Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian (Syracuse U), undergraduate student Nicole Cheah (Syracuse U), (bottom row) Dr. Helen Wang, (University at Buffalo, SUNY), Dr. Muhammed Ittefaq (James Madison U), Dr. Iccha Basnyat (George Mason U) and Dr. Yea-Wen Chen (San Diego State University).

Chai with Srivi: Episode 12, April 2024

2nd Anniversary and Annual CODE^SHIFT Graduation, May 2024

CODE^SHIFT graduates from our 2024 Graduation Ceremony and 2nd Lab Anniversary. L-R: Dr. Emilee Baker, Raiana Soraia de Carvalho, Dr. Martina Santia, Melody Wilson, Murphy McFarlane, Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian, Benjamin Tetteh (all Syracuse U).

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