Peter Hébert

How does a college student studying public relations and business go on to found and run one of the fastest growing deep-tech venture capital (VC) firms in the world? It started when Peter took an interest in entrepreneurship, which led to him starting a student organization to encourage students to start ventures. His interest grew into a passion, a career and now a successful business in the elite VC worlds in New York and Silicon Valley.

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Peter Hebert
Peter Hébert

Peter Hébert is the co-founder of Lux Capital, a venture capital firm which helps “build companies that operate at the intersection of the new and not-yet-imagined.” He believes that in order to have the biggest impact on the future, one should support ambitious scientific and technological ventures. This is why he created his company and seeks to find founders that are developing life-changing products and ideas. These advancements include 3D printing and imaging, machine learning, flying robots, nuclear waste cleanup and more. Hébert manages up to $4 billion in assets, investing in companies such as Auris Health and Everspin Technologies. In 2003, he launched Lux Research and helped develop it into a leading emerging-technology research firm. Additionally, in 2021 he co-founded Thematic, a next-generation index and ETF developer.

Hébert graduated cum laude from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School where he was a Chancellor’s Scholar. He is the founding president of its first venture organization, Future Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Since then, he has been a guest on CNBC and Bloomberg TV, and has spoken at Columbia, Cornell, MIT, Stanford, Yale and the National Science Foundation.