Yifei Zhao

Yifei Zhao

M.S. Digital Social Media, University of Southern California
B.A. Strategic Communication, Ohio State University

Areas of Research: Game studies, public relations, social media, and mixed-methods research

Publication & Presentation:

Jin, K., Zhong, Z. Z., & Zhao, E. Y. (2024). Sustainable Digital Marketing under Big Data: An AI Random Forest Model Approach. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Zhong, Z. Z., & Zhao, E. Y. (2023). Collaborative Driving Mode of Sustainable Marketing and Supply Chain Management Supported by Metaverse Technology. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Tang, J. L. & Zhao, E.Y. (2022). Longitudinal Analysis of an Issue Influencer Communication Network: How Non-political Influencers and Regular Users Connectively Oppose a Contentious Gender Policy Present at National Communication Association


Elena's academic pursuits encompass a spectrum of interests, including game studies, public relations, social media and mixed-methods research. Before embarking on her academic career, she gained valuable experience in the public relations and consulting industries. This early professional phase was not just about acquiring practical skills; it was a journey that stimulated her curiosity about the logic behind successful campaigns and projects.