Doug Blush

Doug Blush

  • Adjunct

    Visual Communications

What he teaches...

Doug Blush teaches undergraduate and graduate students interested in fiction and nonfiction video and multimedia storytelling how to best use editing tools, editing strategies and editing techniques to create compelling characters, great cinematic expressions, story arcs and complex moral landscapes.


Blush is an award-winning documentary director, producer, editor, cinematographer and co-owner of Los Angeles-based MadPix Films. His credits as editor include the Oscar and ACE Eddie Award-winning "20 Feet from Stardom" (2013), and, as consulting producer and editor, the Oscar-winning "Icarus" (2017). Other credits include: "The Hunting Ground" (2015, editor and associate producer); "The Invisible War" (2012, editor and associate producer); "Skid Row Marathon" (2017, producer); "Wordplay" (2006, editor); "Superheroes" (2011, editor and executive producer); and more than 100 feature and television documentary projects. He has co-directed, with wife and film partner Lisa J. Klein, the feature documentary "Of Two Minds" (2012) and recently produced and shot "The S Word" (2017), both MadPix original films.