What I’m excited for this spring

After the extended winter break, we’re now back in the cold, starting the semester off. The fall semester for me was a time filled with growth and learning, and I’m ready to take this into the spring. But I also have a lot of upgrades I’d like to make.

For one, I’m excited to get more experiences outside of the classroom. Joining clubs, trying new dining halls and attending basketball games are just a few things I am looking forward to on campus. But there’s a lot inside Newhouse I‘m very excited for this spring.

All the various speaker series

From learning about the Big Game to gaining tips for on-air presence, there are so many guest speakers and Newhouse professors to hear from this spring. I love a good chance to learn, and these free (perfect for college students I might add) sessions are a perfect way to gain experience outside of the classroom.

View the Newhouse speaker events>>

The snow

Even though it isn’t “inside” Newhouse, it’s certainly all around it, practically for months. What better way to blow off steam than to grab a sled and feel the wind lightly hit your face as you slide down the hill by Falk College? Syracuse is in the perfect region to do endless outdoor activities, including winter activities like skiing, tubing and snowboarding. Or even just soaking up the sights of the little flurries as you walk to class. All in all, it’s ideal for getting a break from homework and class.

More social interactions

While we still have masks and COVID restrictions, there is something so powerful from learning from my peers. Not only learning from them but spending time outside of class with them. The fall semester was very busy with class, yet we all got through it together, and all in one piece. Inside jokes, laughter, exploring the city, sending funny reels, and even just working on homework together and grabbing lunch all help to get through the school year.

Logan Garvey Headshot

Logan Garvey is a graduate student in the broadcast and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School.