West Hollywood’s Hidden Gem—The Writer’s Guild Foundation Library

J Rodriguez

Most strangers to Los Angeles would have you believe that you have to spend money to have fun here. But a few weeks before moving to LA, I discovered one of its best-kept, free secrets—the Writer’s Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library. Though an archive housing a copy of nearly every WGA-registered script, free for the reading, may not be everyone’s idea of fun, the WGA library has quickly become my favorite spot in LA. There’s no better place to write coverage or cozy up with an iced coffee from the nearby Dayglow coffee (the best bang for your caffeinated buck in Hollywood!) and a copy of your favorite episode of “Game of Thrones.” Having free, exclusive access to such a vast selection of work is absolutely invaluable, and yet so few people seem to know that this resource is available to them! Next time you’re in West Hollywood, stop by—you’d be amazed by what you might find on the shelf!

J Rodriguez is a senior television, radio and film student at the Newhouse School.