“The Marketer’s (Early) Guide to AI”: AI is Here to Help, But Not Take Over Our Jobs

With artificial intelligence rising and rapidly changing the communications industry as we know it, it is imperative that we keep up with the latest developments surrounding the technology. The Weiss Center hosted an exclusive group of Newhouse students for a livestream of Marketing Brew’s “The Marketer’s (Early) Guide to AI.” This experience served as a lucrative learning opportunity for us as young professionals to hear from prestigious industry experts about how they’re applying AI in marketing and technology.

Marketing Brew hosted a series of executives to discuss how AI has impacted their companies and day-to-day operations. Topics varied from the relationship between chatbots and employees, how AI can impact storytelling and how to leverage AI to maximize the customer experience.

The five key takeaways from the sessions were:

AI technologies can work in conjunction with human labor to optimize efficiency.

The industry mentality shifted from being fearful to embracing AI.

AI is helping to ease the consumer customer service experience.

AI can be trained to effectively tell a brand’s story.

Companies have been using AI longer than you think. 

Marketing Brew’s livestream event opened a world of new possibilities in technology happening right before our eyes. AI technology is rapidly changing industry practices every day, and it is imperative that we absorb as much information as possible before we enter the workforce. Attending this livestream event not only taught us about how AI is being used in practice right now, but it also helped us understand how we can utilize AI in our future careers.

Beth Egan is an associate professor and director of the master’s in advertising program at the Newhouse School.