The Art of Producing

Brett Wilk headshot

Hey y’all! I’m Brett Wilk, a rising senior studying television, radio and film. This summer in LA has been absolutely amazing so far, but one thing that has stood out is the Art of Producing class with Professor Cecile Murias. I’ve never thought too much about the producing side of TV/Film, or figured I’d be interested in pursuing it for a career. However, this class has shown me how essential producing truly is. Without it, you could have the best director and best actors, and still have a bad movie. The class not only goes into detail on what it takes to be a good producer, but how to be a fully functioning member of the entertainment industry. This is combined with weekly in-class interviews with industry professionals where we have a chance to get the inside scoop on the day-to-day of their jobs. It’s been a blast so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Brett Wilk is a senior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.